Oreo's New Flavor Will Make You Do A Double-Take

Is there anything Oreo hasn't stuffed between its cookies? Seriously, just think about it. The world has eaten a variety of Oreo creme flavors like spicy cinnamon, java chips, and hot chicken wings, per Elite Daily. But it seems like the brand's tasty work is never done. Because now CNN reports another new flavor is getting sandwiched between those two iconic chocolate wafers. And this time when coming up with another cookie, Oreo seems to have looked inward for inspiration.

Oreo purists, after years of only ever venturing to try the brand's double-stuffed dessert, the company is finally making a limited-edition treat that even you should be able to enjoy. Because Oreo's new flavor is, you guessed it, Oreo. Okay, so maybe you didn't guess it but CNN reports the brand has apparently decided that the only thing it hasn't stuffed its Oreos with are more Oreos. Technically called the cookies-n-creme flavor (we can only assume for everyone's sanity), here's what we know about the cookie that claims to be "the most Oreo Oreo." 

What tastes better than Oreos? Oreos stuffed with Oreos, obviously

As CNN reports, the cookies-n-cream flavor is essentially a regular Oreo on steroids. While it comes with the brand's classic chocolate wafers, this treat's vanilla creme is infused with Oreo bits. And these cookies are also as giant as the brand's The Most Stuf variety, meaning they feature four times as much filling as the original Oreo. While the company made the Oreo-Oreo concoction available for presale on its website yesterday, it appears the limited-edition cookies have already sold out. But you'll be able to buy a pack for $4.99 at most retailers on January 30.

Oreo took to Twitter to announce the big news with much excitement. But while many users couldn't wait to try the new release, one fan did note that the brand already debuted a cookies-n-creme flavor in the past. However, as Cosmopolitan reported, this dessert didn't state the cookies in its creme were Oreos and they also weren't as large as the brand's newest flavor. The company did actually respond to the user's post, writing, "we back and better than ever."