The Most Unique Snack At Buc-Ee's Is A Savory Czech Pastry

If you ever find yourself road-tripping across the south and you don't plan to drop by Buc-ee's, you're missing out. Aside from a 2021 survey voting Buc-ee's the cleanest public rest area in the U.S., Mental Floss also reports the brand is known for paying its employees above minimum wage and offering them a 401(k). But if that wasn't enough to make you want to support the gas station behemoth (and we mean that literally, the biggest Buc-ee's comes in at 75,000 square feet), per Southern Living, you need to hear about Buc-ee's food. Because if you love gas station snacks, Buc-ee's is the road stop you've been looking for.

Of course, there's Beaver Nuggets, a delightfully puffy snack with a sweet caramel taste, and an entire counter dedicated to selling both conventionally and unusually flavored jerky, per Houston Eater. But while these special treats are delicious, Atlanta Magazine reports that none of them are as unique and eaten as one particular Buc-ee's baked good. No, the one snack you absolutely must scavenge during your Buc-ee's rest stop is a Czech pastry stuffed with a filling that will set your tongue on fire.

Buc-ee's jalapeño sausage cheese kolaches honor a tasty Texas tradition

Originally created in the Czech Republic, NPR reports the first kolaches were made by filling the dough with fruit. But that was before a mass of Czech citizens migrated to Texas and introduced the baked good to their new community. After becoming a popular treat in the state, kolaches stuffed with savory eats (which are actually called klobasniki) were introduced to the world. And Atlanta Magazine reports Buc-ee's is carrying on this savory Texan tradition by selling a puffy kolache pastry stuffed with delectable sausage, gooey cheddar cheese, and spicy jalapeño.

The outlet reports that the jalapeño sausage cheese kolache's taste is "oh so satisfying." And they aren't alone in their conquest to urge Buc-ee's goers to try this spice-filled twist on a traditional Czech pastry. According to My San Antonio, despite being made by a large-scale chain, this treat, which the outlet also reports has impeccably fresh dough, tastes just like the ones you'd find in a mom-and-pop kolache shop.

However, that's not the only Texan-cuisine-inspired snack that's a Buc-ee's exclusive.

Treat yourself to these other Texas classics at Buc-ee's

If you're looking to get a delicious taste of Texas at Buc-ee's, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by only buying the jalapeño sausage cheese kolache. Here are two other certified Texan food favorites you need to add to your Buc–ee's haul.

First up on the list is another great Lone-Star State-approved way to start your day, breakfast tacos. As Austin Eater reports, this treat came about thanks to the innovation of Mexican immigrants. Created in Texas and loved by many, Buc-ee's made sure it went all out when devising its own recipe for the Texas staple. As Wide Open Eats reports, the chain's breakfast tacos are as big as a burrito and come stuffed with fillings like eggs, cheese, beans, and bacon.

The second recommended eat for your Buc-ee's Texan favorites collection is inspired by a delicious staple at the epicenter of the state's food culture. We're, of course, talking about Buc-ee's brisket sandwich. A giant sandwich filled with brisket that CBS42 reports is smoked at a minimum of 12 hours, alongside its breakfast tacos and savory jalapeño-filled kolaches, is one of the three Buc-ee's treats you can't miss if you really want to try your hand at eating like a Texan.