The Special In 'N' Out Burgers Just For Dogs

When you go to your favorite fast food restaurants, you probably don't think to bring your pets, unless you zip through the drive-thru after you and your dog hit up the dog park. According to I Heart Dogs, though, some fast food chains have meals just for pets on their secret menus, and if you choose to check them out, your dog will love you forever (even more than they do now).

One chain with "doggie meals" is In 'N' Out Burger (per Reader's Digest). The popular fast food stop, which you'll find mostly on the U.S. west coast, carries some little-known items that make perfect treats for your dog, and no, they don't feature dog bones or kibble. If you know about these items — and know exactly what to ask for to make them dog-friendly — your dog can get a special treat every time you go through the In 'N' Out Burger drive-thru. If you're a proud "dog parent," then rest assured that your dogs will be just as excited about this pet-friendly menu as you are.

What's on the In 'N' Out Burger dog menu?

In 'N' Out Burger's dog-friendly menu isn't as extensive as its regular menu — and may not sound quite as appetizing to humans — but we doubt that your dog will care. The menu features two options that your dog is pretty much guaranteed to love as much as they love you for taking them to get treats.

Both options are perfect for all breeds, and one of them is on the "human" menu as well, so you can eat alongside your dog. (Sharing a burger meal with your dog? Adorable, right?) The first choice is a Pup Patty — a fancy name for a plain, unseasoned burger patty. You don't have to worry about your dog's sodium intake with this meal either because it's unsalted. Just pure meat, a snack your dog is sure to enjoy. In addition to the Pup Patty, the Flying Dutchman, which is also on In 'N' Out Burger's secret menu for humans, is a spruced-up, flavorful treat for your dog (per Dog O Day). It's fairly simple, just two slices of cheese between two beef patties, but if your dog loves cheese, they'll give it two paws up. And if you're looking for a low-carb (but still delicious) meal for yourself, you and your dog can eat the same meal side-by-side. It'll be a memorable meal for you and your canine companion.

Do any other fast food chains have dog menus?

Fortunately for your dog, you'll want to take them on plenty more car rides when you hear that In 'N' Out Burger is far from the only fast food chain with a "dog menu." From sweet treats like doggy sundaes and whipped cream cups to savory dog-friendly burgers and rice plates, there are so many goodies for your dog to discover at some of your favorite restaurants.

Since numerous fast-food chains have "dog menus," all you have to do is ask for dog-friendly items once you know what's available. Both the Starbucks Puppuccino and the Dunkin' Puppy Latte are small cups of whipped cream (per Reader's Digest). For a step up, Dairy Queen offers a Pup Cup — a mini vanilla soft-serve sundae with a dog biscuit on top. Who knew Dairy Queen had dog biscuits? 

You can also indulge your dog's savory cravings with the Johnny Rockets Dog Burger — a cut-up burger patty — or the Lazy Dog Rice Plate from Lazy Dog Café. And if you prefer to stop by Chick-Fil-A, ask for dog treats at the drive-thru window. It's unofficial, but many locations have them (per I Heart Dogs). In 'N' Out will become one of your dog's favorite outings — but it's far from the only place where your dog can get a tasty treat.