Natty Light Throws It Back To The 70s With A Retro Can Design

Natural Light (more famously called "Natty Light") has been a fan-favorite beer for more than forty years, ranking eighth in 2018 as one of the best-selling beers with 6.7 million barrels sold, according to VinePair. The classic American light lager was first introduced in 1977 by Anheuser-Busch. The laid-back, low-calorie beer is an affordable beverage and cooler staple for all ages, whether it be for college-aged students playing beer pong or middle-aged adults at a backyard gathering.

VinePair states that Miller Brewing Company founded the first "light" beer in 1975 with the launch of Miller Lite. The 96-calorie beer was a hit with consumers. However, it wasn't long before Natural Light released its 97-calorie beer as competition, and to be clear, it's now 95 calories (via Healthline).

According to CNN, Natty Light has decided to throw its packaging back to the 70s with its new retro-inspired cans. It hopes to inspire both old and new customers to buy a pack for their next shindig. But how will these new cans spark interest and what exactly will they look like?

All about the retro Natural Light can

As of late, many food and beverage brands have been revisiting their golden years with the hopes of increasing sales, which is why, come February, Natty Light plans to take its old look to a national level and see what kind of response they get.

The current can design has been on store shelves for over a decade and is iconic for its silver can with hints of navy blue, red, and gold. Krystyn Stowe, a marketer at Natural Light, stated in an interview with CNN that the old 1979 design, which consisted of navy blue, light blue, and red on a silver background, was tested a few years back in both North and South Carolina. To the brand's surprise, Stowe's response was astounding, stating it was the "best rate of sale that we've seen in years."

Although beer sales have increased in the U.S. since the pandemic, it's been losing market share to spirits for the past 12 years (per CNBC). Stowe says that Natural Light has been steady in sales but, like any brand, has room for improvement. With the "new" nostalgic can makeover, it hopes to mature the brand's identity and graduate from being a beer for college-aged students and appeal more to 30 to 40-year-olds.