The Efficient Reason Jimmy John's Doesn't Use Yellow Mustard

Jimmy John's is always a reliable place for a delicious sub sandwich. Whether you usually order the Billy Club, the Jimmy Cubano, or a sandwich with no mustard whatsoever, you may have noticed that all of the sandwiches with mustard at Jimmy John's feature Dijon mustard, not the standard yellow mustard that you'd find in most delis, per Jimmy John's. Dijon mustard stands apart from yellow mustard because its spicy kick can really elevate a sandwich, but mustard fans might wonder why there's only one mustard option, and it's not yellow.

So, does Jimmy John's have a stash of yellow mustard somewhere that we've all been missing? Is it on some sort of secret menu? Or is Dijon the one and only mustard option — albeit a delicious one you can't find at many other sandwich chains? The answer — and the reasoning behind it — is surprising, but when you delve into the chain's logic, it all makes perfect sense, per Secret Menus.

Why Jimmy John's doesn't use yellow mustard

It turns out that you won't find much yellow mustard on Jimmy John's premises — and there's a surprising reason behind it. You might think that Jimmy John's just wants to add some fresh, new flavors to classic sandwiches, but even though their Dijon mustard certainly accomplishes that goal, that's not why they opt for Dijon and only Dijon.

Apparently, the reason that Jimmy John's uses only one kind of mustard doesn't boil down to flavor at all: Jimmy John's just wants to prepare your sandwiches faster, per Secret Menus. With only one kind of mustard, the employee making your sandwich won't be fumbling around in a container of similarly-labeled condiments to locate the specific mustard you want. If your sandwich calls for mustard, it'll absolutely be Jimmy John's famous Dijon Jimmy Mustard, per Lorimer Street Kitchen, so your sandwich-maker will know exactly what to give you. This cuts down the time it takes to get sandwiches out to hungry customers — and gives them the quick but friendly customer service that they want.

Is there any yellow mustard available at Jimmy John's?

If every sandwich with mustard at Jimmy John's calls for Dijon mustard and there's only one kind of mustard out for customers to see, then is there any yellow mustard at Jimmy John's? Considering the way the sandwich chain increases efficiency and tries to prevent mustard mishaps with only one mustard bottle facing the customer, you might think so, per Secret Menus. But you actually can get yellow mustard on your sandwiches if that's the only kind you like or you simply have the occasional craving for plain mustard.

You won't find yellow mustard in the larger bottles up front, but Jimmy John's has a secret stash of yellow mustard as well, per Jimmy John's. The mustard, which is in packet form, may not be where you can see it, but that doesn't mean that you can't ask for it. So yes, Jimmy John's has yellow mustard — if you want it, then you just need to know that it exists. Jimmy John's Dijon mustard may look like the only mustard option on the premises, but even though they only keep one type of mustard out for efficient sandwich-making, they have mustard for every type of mustard-lover.