The Costco Section Julia Child Couldn't Stay Away From

From her distinct voice to her love of wine and butter, Julia Child is a household name, thanks to her passion for teaching Americans how to cook French cuisine with her debut cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Child became the first woman to host her own cooking show, "The French Chef." Today, she is regarded as a pioneer in teaching ordinary people how to make extravagant meals in a simple, easy way (per the National Women's History Museum).

The cooking extraordinaire didn't just make her recipes easy to follow; she also knew how to save a buck when it came to shopping for ingredients. And fans may be surprised to know that one of Child's favorite places to shop was wholesale warehouse Costco.

According to Delish, Child reportedly made routine visits to Costco for bulk items. She even ended her special outing with a not-so-French hot dog from the snack stand. But what exactly did Child shop for when she went to Costco? There was one aisle in particular that was her favorite.

What was Julia Child's favorite aisle at Costco?

It probably comes as no surprise that Julia Child was the furthest thing from a vegetarian, hence her most famous dish, beef bourguignon: a French beef stew simmered in red wine gravy with bacon, carrots, onions, garlic, and mushrooms.

With her love of hot dogs and beef stew in mind, Child adored Costco's meat department. In an interview with Lucky Peach, Barbara Fairchild recalled Child saying that Costco had the best meat selection to choose from. Fairchild said, "She was particularly enthusiastic about the steaks — they were the ones she would always use if she was entertaining" (via Delish).

Many chefs today would agree with Child. For example, Walter Apfelbaum, executive butcher at Prime + Proper Steakhouse in Detroit, told Food & Wine that Costco is his go-to stop for USDA Prime steaks. Apfelbaum said to the outlet, "Costco sells some of the most beautiful prime beef I've seen out of the restaurant industry." From its taste and texture to the cows' diet, Apfelbaum says it's among the best beef. (Of course, the price tag and the hot dog on the way out the door don't hurt.)