The Country That's Considered The Coffee Capital Of The World

Coffee is one of the world's most popular beverages. According to 2022 coffee statistics by Drive Research, 3 out of 4 Americans drink coffee on a daily basis, and 49% drink 3-5 cups per day (that's a lot of Joe). It makes you wonder if other countries are just as coffee-crazed. (America runs on Dunkin', right?)

You may be surprised to find that the world's coffee capital isn't the largest country on the map. In fact, it doesn't even produce coffee beans.

Once you learn about the world's coffee capital, you might just want to book a flight to see what the hype is about. From its rich history with coffee to its customs and the quality of the coffee itself, there's a reason this small country is known as a coffee hotspot. We're not talking about fancy espresso drinks, either — in this nordic country, it's all about filter coffee.

Why do Finnish people love drinking coffee?

Culture Trip states that the country that consumes the most coffee globally is the small nordic country of Finland. The Finnish drink a considerable amount of coffee, with 8-9 cups consumed daily, on average. Some locals even drink 30 cups per day. According to the BBC, the average adult in Finland puts back 27.5 pounds of coffee per year compared to Americans, who drink a whopping 11 pounds. 

Culture Trip says it may have something to do with the weather. The temperatures in Finland drop into the negatives, so having a hot beverage on hand is ideal. Still, Finnish people don't just drink coffee to keep them warm and awake during the dark winter months. They're die-hard coffee fans no matter the season. Finnish people can be found sipping on iced coffee and other frozen beverages during their short, hot summers.

Insider states that drinking coffee is an integral part of Finnish culture. It's consumed all hours of the day and at every meal. And if you turn down a cup of coffee in Finland, chances are, you'll be offending someone. Ella Takalainen, a barista and coffee connoisseur at a cafe in Finland, told Insider in 2020 that it's considered rude not to offer someone a cup of coffee when visiting them. Coffee is, without a doubt, Finland's love language.

The history of coffee in Finland

Finland's rich history with coffee can be traced back to the 19th century, when the small country was under Russian rule. Although the Finnish didn't gain their independence until 1917, they tended to lean toward Western ways of thinking. In Russia, the hot beverage of choice is tea, so of course, the Finns decided to rebel and drink coffee instead (per Insider).

This caffeinated beverage fueled this nordic country then and continues to do so now. Today, you'll find Finnish folks drinking mostly light-roasted coffee blends (per Sprudge), with many cafes offering large vessels where patrons can serve themselves.

Barista Ella Takalainen explained to Insider in 2020 that coffee is brewed lighter in Finland, thanks to the superb water quality. Soft tap water allows for great-tasting, lightly brewed coffee, whereas hard tap water often requires darker coffee beans to drown out the unpleasant taste.