The Ultimate Ranking Of Marco's Pizza Items

Pizza lovers unite — Marco's Pizza has a menu full of items you won't want to miss.

Marco's Pizza has been serving the public since 1978. Originally founded in Oregon, Ohio, per the chain's website, Marco's Pizza brings excellent carryout and delivery for pizza, salad, and sub lovers to enjoy. Though Marco's began as just one store near Toledo, it grew to more than 1,100 locations across 33 states. There are even Marco's restaurants in Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Each store has menu items unique to the location, but there are certain menu items sold across every Marco's location that fans of the chain will surely recognize.

Marco's specializes in its pizza but also has many salad, sub, and pizza bowl options. The pizza chain also provide its Cinnasquare dessert for those with a sweet tooth and have other sides like chicken wings and cheese bread. Though each individual Marco's eatery has specific menu items, some of the items sold at all locations are certainly better options than others. Read on for a list of Marco's Pizza items ranked from least delicious to most mouthwatering.

12. All Meat Pizza and All Meat Pizza Bowl

It is nearly impossible to rank these two separately because of how similar they taste. The All Meat pizza is true to its name, containing pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, bacon, and Marco's signature sauce and three-cheese blend. Similarly, the All Meat pizza bowl, which, as its name implies, is a crustless pizza baked in a bowl, has the same meat toppings, sauce, and three-cheese blend, but is also topped with romesan seasoning, which is dehydrated vegetables, parmesan cheese, and bread crumbs.

The pizza might slightly win out in flavor above the bowl, because of how the toppings can be spread out across the crust rather than all shoved together within the bowl. However, if the pizza does win out, it is only by a small amount. Both of these menu items are entirely too overwhelming to the palette. Though the three-cheese blend and sauce promise to balance the flavors, they are overpowered by the meaty taste that does not impress. A few of the meat toppings might be tolerable on their own, but when they are all put together, this is a menu item you can definitely pass on.

11. Italian Chef Salad and Caesar Salad

Another joint ranking comes from the Italian Chef Salad and the Caesar Salad. The Italian Chef Salad has the Marco's Pizza fresh-cut lettuce blend and is topped with ham, salami, cheese, sliced tomatoes, onions, and croutons. The Caesar Salad, or Chicken Caesar Salad, is as standard as can be, complete with the fresh-cut lettuce blend, grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, and croutons.

Marco's Pizza is not known for its salads, and the reason for that is made clear by the quality. Though people do not often seek out pizza joints to satisfy their salad needs, salads are a frequent side dish to pizza to provide some vegetables to the meal. Both the Italian Chef Salad and the Chicken Caesar Salad, though, are not the best choice of salad from the menu. The Italian Chef Salad typically falls flat with its freshness, as does the Chicken Caesar Salad. However, the Chicken Caesar Salad is a lot more plain than the Italian Chef Salad, so between the two, the Italian Chef Salad slightly wins out.

10. White Cheezy Pizza

Next up on the list is the White Cheezy pizza. This pizza differs from some of the others because of its use of the garlic parmesan sauce instead of the Marco's original pizza sauce. In addition to the creamy white sauce, the White Cheezy pizza is topped with bacon, onion, sliced tomatoes, the pizza chain's three-cheese blend, and feta cheese. The combination has a good texture balance, with the crunch of the onion and bacon and the creamy, fluffy taste of the sauce and cheese.

Though this pizza sounds delicious in theory, Marco's garlic parmesan sauce is nowhere near as good as its original pizza sauce. The addition of the feta is welcome and very tasty, but, when combined with the other vegetables and the bacon, it doesn't fit together as well as you would expect from a white sauce pizza. The white sauce pizza without the toppings, but still including the addition of the feta cheese, is exponentially better than the menu's pretopped option.

9. Chicken Wings and Chicken Dippers

Another staple of many pizza places is the side of chicken wings. Almost every pizza place offers bone-in or boneless wings as a side that you can douse with whatever flavor of sauce you would like, and Marco's Pizza is no exception. The Chicken Wings are bone-in and can be flavored with sauces like buffalo or barbecue. The Chicken Dippers are the boneless iteration of chicken that come with one free dipping sauce of your choice.

The Chicken Wings and Chicken Dippers are both mediocre. They aren't bad, but they're also nothing to write home about. The bone-in wings have a good blend of skin and meat, and are decent to consume when flavored with the sauce. However, the sauces Marco's Pizza offers are not the best wing flavoring, which contributes to the average taste. The Chicken Dippers are tender and well breaded, but they often have a strange texture to their bite that does not always sit well after a couple bites. However, for those who are not necessarily chicken connoisseurs, the Chicken Wings and Chicken Dippers are a fine choice as a side to the pizza.

8. Chicken Club

Marco's Pizza also has a few different sub options for people who are looking for a sandwich instead of a pizza. One of these sub items is the Chicken Club. It's a staple of many sandwich shops and pizzerias that offer subs, and Marco's Pizza sticks to the basics with its recipe. The Chicken Club consists of grilled chicken and bacon for the meats and is topped with tomatoes, mayonnaise, and Marco's signature three-cheese blend.

The Chicken Club is one of the more surprising dishes on the menu, not necessarily because it's a spectacular sandwich but because it's better than many of the other menu items. The chicken and bacon combo is tried and true, with the best condiments and toppings to pair. The chicken can sometimes be too dry for the sandwich, but with the juicy tomato and creamy mayonnaise, you aren't likely to notice. This sub is where the best Marco's menu items begin, and it's all uphill from here.

7. Hawaiian Chicken Pizza and Garden Salad

Though they are very different items, the Hawaiian Chicken Pizza and the Garden Salad are tied in the ranking. The pizza is topped with Marco's sauce and three-cheese blend, along with ham, grilled chicken, bacon, and, the most controversial pizza topping, pineapple. The debate between whether or not pineapple on pizza is a valid topping haunts pizza eaters everywhere, and Marco's Pizza is no exception to the debate. The Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, for lovers of pineapple, is a great menu item. The flavors blend together so well, but it certainly is not for everyone. That's why it ranks lower than some of the more crowd-pleasing menu items at Marco's.

The Garden Salad, like the Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, is a hit-or-miss dish. The Garden Salad has Marco's fresh-cut lettuce blend as the base and is topped with cheddar cheese, black olives, onions, green peppers, sliced tomatoes, and croutons. The Garden Salad is one of the freshest salad options on the menu, with the perfect blend of vegetables and your choice of dressing to complete the dish. However, this type of salad, though relatively standard, is not for everyone — and it definitely does not compare to some of the other Marco's menu items.

6. Deluxe Pizza and Deluxe Pizza Bowl

The Deluxe Pizza and Deluxe Pizza Bowl are two peas in a pod, sharing such similar tastes that it's impossible to rank them apart. Both the pizza and the bowl version of the Deluxe have pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions, as well as Marco's proprietary sauce and three-cheese blend. The bowl, additionally, is topped with the romesan seasoning.

Both of these dishes have a great blend of ingredients. The balance of meat and vegetables is exactly what a pizza with both types of toppings should strive for, effortlessly blending them in with the pizza's base in a way that doesn't overwhelm the palette. Unlike the All Meat Pizza and All Meat Pizza Bowl, which are both too aggressively topped with meats, the Deluxe provides something both meat lovers and vegetable pizza lovers can get behind. The pizza has everything nicely spread out, and though that would normally give it the edge over the bowl version, the bowl actually does a nice job of evenly blending the ingredients together to create an enjoyable dish.

5. Steak & Cheese Sub

In what might be the most surprising ranking, the Steak & Cheese Sub kicks off the top five of Marco's menu items. Though the Chicken Club is a more in the middle of the ranking, the other two subs Marco's offers do a great job. The Steak & Cheese Sub has, per its name, a steak base with the signature three-cheese blend. In addition, it is topped with mushrooms for a texture change and mayonnaise for flavor.

The hot steak and melted cheese are mouthwatering as is, but when topped with mushrooms for some extra enhancement and mayonnaise to taste, the sub is taken from delicious to a craving. The Steak & Cheese Sub has a perfect blend of flavor and is a meat lover's dream. As far as classic subs go, this is another great example and is done with near-perfect execution by Marco's. If you're looking for a good sandwich to switch up your Marco's Pizza order, you cannot go wrong with the Steak & Cheese Sub.

4. Greek Salad and Italiano Sub

In fourth place, the Greek Salad and Italiano Sub are tied. The Greek Salad is by far the best salad option on Marco's menu. It starts with Marco's fresh-cut lettuce blend and is topped with feta cheese crumbles, black olives, sliced tomatoes, onions, and banana peppers. The salad has a great dressing to really complete the taste, and though it's not as authentic as a true Greek Salad, Marco's take on the dish is really well done. If you are going to order a salad from Marco's Pizza, the Greek Salad is by far the way to go.

On the other hand, if you are going to order a sub from Marco's Pizza, the Italiano is your best friend. Perfectly blended together on the sandwich are ham, salami, cheese, banana peppers, tomatoes, onions, and a classic-style Italian dressing that ties all the meat and vegetables together. This sub will remind any sandwich lover why subs are an excellent meal choice and will be sure to satiate your sandwich needs when ordering from the Marco's menu.

3. Pepperoni Magnifico

Though the Pepperoni Magnifico is a more basic pizza, it is one that Marco's has perfected for its customers. The Pepperoni Magnifico pizza is basically exactly as it sounds, consisting of Marco's Old World Pepperoni covering the entire pizza, Marco's original sauce, and the chain's three-cheese blend. To top it all off, Marco's uses the romesan seasoning, which consists of dehydrated vegetables, parmesan cheese, and bread crumbs.

This pizza is about as standard as you can get, yet it is an absolute standout on the menu. The signature pepperoni Marco's uses has a uniquely fresh and delicious taste for a chain restaurant. When the Pepperoni Magnifico is made, you can tell it is clearly done with love and a lot of care in the preparation. Though it might seem like not the most exciting item to order, it is definitely worth the try and will keep you eating it more and more. The Pepperoni Magnifico easily earns the third-place slot.

2. Cinnasquares and Cheezybread

In second place are two of the best menu items of any pizza place, the Cinnasquares and Cheezybread. This dessert and classic side dish are impossible to rank above one another, because they both are so essential to the Marco's meal. With the Cheezybread, Marco's takes fresh baked bread strips and adds on the signature three-cheese blend and some garlic sauce to taste. It is served with the original pizza sauce and ranch dipping sauce. Cheezybread is an absolutely perfect side dish to any pizza or main course you might purchase at Marco's Pizza. The thick, soft bread topped beautifully with the cheese and garlic makes for an exemplary cheese bread side.

On the sweeter side, the Cinnasquares are also a staple of the Marco's menu. This dessert item is a freshly baked pastry with cinnamon and sugar on top, accompanied by a side of vanilla icing to dip. The Cinnasquares are a fantastic way to end your meal at Marco's Pizza. They are a soft, buttery delight that never disappoint. For two of the best Marco's dishes, make sure to accompany your pizza with Cheezybread and Cinnasquares.

1. Garden Pizza

Finally, in first place and by far the best Marco's Pizza item, is the Garden Pizza. For those who prefer more plain pizzas or more meat and less vegetables on their pizzas, this might be controversial. However, the Garden Pizza, though chock-full with vegetables, is an excellent choice. The Garden Pizza contains mushrooms, black olives, onions, sliced tomatoes, the Marco's Pizza original sauce, the signature three-cheese blend, and, to top it all off, some feta cheese.

This pizza is a vegetarian's dream. The combination of vegetables and cheese is so elegant and precise that anyone eating it would absolutely love it. It's also a great candidate to be made vegan, with the subtraction of the feta and cheese when you order the pizza. Both ways, be it vegetarian or vegan, the Garden Pizza is a standout on the menu and is, without a doubt, Marco's Pizza's best menu item to date.