The Limited Edition Wine That's Meant To Be Paired With Carl's Jr.

Historically speaking, the world of wine comes with a high barrier to entry. To some, the elusive notes hidden behind the tartness of a cabernet franc may evoke roasted pepper, ripe tomato, and even pencil shavings (per MasterClass). But to an untrained palate, the medium-bodied red might simply taste like red grapes or stone fruit. Food and wine pairings unlock a whole new lexicon, which might be exciting for a seasoned sommelier, but can be alienating for the average sipper.

If you're seeking validation in the latter camp, allow us to oblige by saying an appreciation for wine and food doesn't require an advanced degree or a fine-dining budget. With an honorable mention to Two-Buck Chuck, Trader Joe's signature Charles Shaw wine produced by Bronco Wine Company, there are tons of affordable vino options out there that are perfectly pleasant to drink with or without a meal, several of which are lauded by Food & Wine

Adding to that list, the fast food chain Carl's Jr. has teamed up with Nocking Point Wines for a limited-edition red created specifically for its A.1. Double Cheeseburger. 

A red blend built for a burger

Nocking Point Wines, based in Washington State's wine haven of Walla Walla, takes Carl's Jr.'s A.1. Double Cheeseburger into account with its Blend Your Happy red. The limited-edition wine, available in a wine pairing bundle for $62, is a 50-50 blend of granache and syrah. The winery describes it as "juicy, plush," and medium-bodied, with notes of plum, red berries, and spiced dark chocolate. The bundle also includes Nocking Point's 2019 Origins pinot noir, a dry and bright red that boasts notes of cherry, cinnamon, clove, and dried fruit. 

The Blend Your Happy red is "hand-selected to bring out the beefy and savory notes of Carl's Jr. charbroiled flavor," per the winery. If you haven't tried it, you might gather from the name that the A.1. burger is distinguished by its dose of steak sauce, bolstered by melted Swiss cheese, onion rings, and mayonnaise. Cheers to that.