The Absolute Best Day Of The Week To Pick Up Groceries At Target

Any grocery shopper knows that Target, or Tarjay as the fancy folk have been calling it since the 60s (per Mental Floss), can be one big money-consuming trap. After all, Target's layout is literally designed to make you get an urge to come in, grab some Starbies, and stay a while. So, in the minds of some shoppers, the words "save" and "Target" usually don't go together. However, we're here to do a little myth-busting. Because by shopping at the retailer on a certain day of the week, you can save big on groceries.

If you're a long-time Target veteran, Insider reports you likely do your shopping on Saturday. However, if you want to start saving on produce so you can spend more on Target's coveted candle collection, you need to stop heading to the store on the weekend. Because according to All Things Target, that rascal Bullseye has been holding on to some pretty important money-saving information. As the outlet notes, the brand doesn't put all its goods on sale at once. Instead, different departments are marked down on certain weekdays. And here's which day of the week you should shop at Target to get the best deals on your grocery list.

Shop on Tuesday to save on groceries

According to All Things Target, Monday's deals are all about kids' clothing, accessories, books, stationery, baby, and electronics. Meanwhile, Friday offers discounts on auto, cosmetics, hardware, and jewelry. However, Tuesday's markdowns are the food sale jackpot.

All Things Target reports (and Ice Cream and Neon Dreams confirms), Tuesday is the day the store puts its market items on sale. So by stepping into your local store on this weekday, you'll find many of your usual grocery essentials for a discounted price. But just how much cheaper are we talking? Based on the general Target clearance guidelines provided by All Things Target, every item is usually discounted by at least 30%.

However, while food discounts are Target Tuesday's biggest attraction, hump day eve also features discounts on women's clothing, domestics, and pets. Also, because we know you want to know, here's what the rest of Target's weekday markdowns have in store. Wednesday's discounts are on men's clothing, health and beauty, diapers, lawn and garden items, and furniture. And last but not least, on Thursday you'll find sales on housewares, lingerie, shoes, toys, sporting goods, decor, and luggage. But if you're all about cutting down on your food bill, you should know that Tuesday is only one way to save on groceries at your favorite retailer.

More ways to save on groceries at Target

For one thing, if you aren't already signed up for the grocer's Red Circle rewards program you need to create an account as soon as possible. As NBC News reports, by being a rewards member you can get 1% back on most of your purchases — money that can be spent on groceries later on. Not to mention, you'll be eligible for member-only discounts on market items and more.

And when you're on the hunt for in-store deals, The Krazy Koupon Lady instructs that you need to check the end caps of your favorite grocery aisles. As the outlet notes, these end caps usually feature on-sale goods you might otherwise miss.

Perhaps the most enlightening money-saving tip, however, also comes from the Krazy Koupon Lady. According to the outlet, you can actually apply manufacturer coupons to items that have already been put on clearance. In fact, in some cases, you can even combine both a Target Circle and a manufacturer coupon on a discounted product for three times the savings. Now then, go, and let your Target savings begin.