Guy Fieri's Favorite Breakfast As A Notable Egg-Hater

As the host of the Food Network series "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," Guy Fieri gets to eat some of the best regional eats in every state. If you watch the show, you know that the Mayor of Flavortown likes pretty much everything that gets put in front of him, and when he doesn't like something, it's fairly easy to tell. 

Fans on Reddit pointed out that he'll start listing out ingredients or describing the process with comments like, "You definitely cooked that chicken!" or even "There's definitely honey in there!" The celebrity chef addressed this during an episode of "The Moment" podcast, explaining that he does this simply because he's not a food critic. "That's the furthest thing from what I am," Fieri insisted. "I'm a food highlighter. I'm bringing the greatest hits."

Fieri may be against giving negative feedback on the dishes featured on his show, but when it comes to eggs, he's incredibly picky. "You've gotta stick to organically grown and raised chicken, fed with natural ingredients," he shared in an interview with MyRecipes. Because his standards are so high, Fieri usually avoids eggs altogether. Interestingly, Fieri isn't super fond of the morning meal most commonly associated with eggs either.

Guy Fieri isn't a breakfast person

If you see Guy Fieri eating an egg breakfast on a cooking show, there's a good chance it's not by choice. Not only is he not a huge fan of eggs, Fieri reportedly only eats breakfast twice a month. Although that may seem oddly precise for someone who simply claims to not like eating in the morning, he actually has a pretty good reason for this choice.

According to an interview Fieri granted Insider in 2021, when he does eat breakfast, he tends to go for stone-ground grits with ham and red-eye gravy. This is the breakfast that his North Carolina-native mother used to make for his family growing up, and for that reason, he has fond memories of it. The Southern staple is his go-to dish anytime he has people over, Fieri shared, but his routine is a bit different on work days when he eats breakfast solo.

When filming "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," Fieri revealed to People that he always sticks to a liquid-only breakfast that includes freshly squeezed vegetables, fruit juice, and an Americano. "When you do three locations in a day, two dishes per location, it can very quickly escalate," he explained to the outlet. That of course means eggs are out of the question.

Why doesn't Guy Fieri like eggs?

Given that he doesn't like eggs, it may come as a surprise for readers to learn that Guy Fieri raises his own chickens. But in order to ensure his chickens produce eggs that he can actually tolerate eating, Fieri shared that he strictly feeds them all-natural ingredients (via MyRecipes). "We take all of our scraps from our garden and then go over the fence to the chickens and it changes the yolk, the flavor, everything," Fieri said in the interview. 

To Fieri, this is an important distinction because the yolk is precisely what he dislikes most about eggs. Interestingly, Fieri's hatred of eggs can actually be traced back to his childhood, when he accidentally ate a rotten hard-boiled egg. According to Fieri, the unpleasant powderiness of the yolk has stuck with him ever since. While Fieri told the Tampa Bay Times that he can't stand hard-boiled or even scrambled eggs, he claims he's willing to eat them if the yolk is a different consistency. 

Of course, any Food Network host who makes their culinary dislikes public information has to know it's going to come back to bite them. In fact, Andrew Zimmern once convinced Fieri to eat a slice of sunnyside-up egg pizza on an episode of "Diners Drive-Ins, and Dives," but in the footage (via Food Network), it's blatantly obvious that he still had a hard time holding it down.