Ina Garten Shared A Nostalgic 20-Year-Old Barefoot Contessa Throwback

In 1978, Ina Garten was not working with flour but with the United States nuclear budget (per Barefoot Contessa). However, while Garten may have started out as a member of the White House Office of Management and Budget, she knew she was destined for a more creative career. And that career, lucky for us, happened to be one that involved a lot of tasty food. While Garten started her culinary work by buying a gourmet food store, which she called "Barefoot Contessa" for the classic film of the same name (per Southern Living), she would eventually sell the shop and write a slew of cookbooks. And one of those books would go on to earn her a show on Food Network.

It's now been 20 years since Garten first cooked in front of a camera in 2002. Since then, IMBd reports that "Barefoot Contessa" has had 27 seasons and 301 episodes. And according to Parrot Analytics, Garten's recipes for everything from simple sweets like chocolate cake to complex dinners like lobsters have made viewers' demand for "Barefoot Contessa" 89.9% higher than other American reality shows. However, despite her success, the chef hasn't forgotten how her hit reality show started. In honor of its 20th anniversary, she posted an Instagram throwback of one of her first-ever "Barefoot Contessa" recipes.

Keep refreshed with this throwback Barefoot Contessa recipe

"This was the very first show that I filmed 20 years ago! Yikes!," wrote Ina Garten in her throwback Instagram post's caption. The post featured a clip from the first episode of the "Barefoot Contessa" series, which aired in November 2002. Titled "The Mediterranean Feast," the episode in question involves Garten whipping up Mediterranean dishes she discovered during her trip to Provence (per IMBd). While the chef prepared impressive eats like hummus and grilled lamb during that fateful first show, the nostalgic recipe Garten shared with her followers on social media was a simple one because, after all, who doesn't love lemonade?

According to the throwback video (and the recipe on Garten's website), all you need to make this refreshing drink is freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar (Garten suggests using fine sugar but any type can work), water, ice, and, if you're in the mood to celebrate, a splash of vodka. Then you only need to mix your ingredients together in a blender and enjoy.

While this recipe is two decades old, fans in the comment section gushed over the old-school treat and many stated they wanted to re-watch older episodes of the show to see even more throwback eats and drinks. However, although foodies may binge every "Barefoot Contessa" episode to mark its 20th birthday, between this ongoing show and Garten's more recent "Be My Guest" series (per VARIETY), there is plenty more reality TV featuring Garten to come.