Noma Is Shutting Its Doors Permanently, Here's What You Need To Know

Copenhagen restaurant Noma was named the world's number-one restaurant an impressive five times after it opened in 2003, per Bloomberg. And, according to the World's Best 50 Restaurants, a lot of the fine-dining establishment's success has been attributed to its chefs not being afraid to get their hands dirty. 

The cooks creating and making the three seasonal menus for this famous eatery are renowned for foraging ingredients to spice up their dishes — including bugs and deer brain. This, combined with the state-of-the-art design of its restaurant, led Condé Nast Traveler to refer to Noma as a "destination unto itself." But now, the establishment praised for its groundbreaking Nordic cuisine is closing down for good.

Bloomberg reports that even before the official announcement, foodies who follow the fine-dining scene may have caught wind of rumors that Noma was on the brink of closing. However, those who aren't as acquainted with the gourmet food world may find themselves asking a simple question: What brought the culinary icon to close its doors? The answer is one foodies should pay attention to — several outlets have reported that Noma shutting down is the latest development in the metamorphosis of the restaurant industry.

What Noma shutting down means for the gourmet food world

According to Forbes, Noma will officially stop serving customers in 2024. Once the restaurant closes, it will continue to operate as a test kitchen and will still offer a few special pop-up dining experiences. As for why Noma is exiting the fine-dining scene, Bloomberg reports that chef René Redzepi, one of Noma's co-owners, says the famous eatery was forced to close after it found itself facing financial difficulties.

As Bloomberg reports, Noma's revenue dropped in 2021 despite financial aid from the government; at the time, the establishment was offering $700 meals. The restaurant did not comment on these numbers. However, in reference to Noma's fine-dining model, Redzepi said to The New York Times, "Financially and emotionally, as an employer and as a human being, it just doesn't work."

And as Bloomberg and Robb Report confirm, this news aligns with a recent trend: Expensive fine dining as we know it seems to be on its way out. In fact, word of Noma's eventual shutdown comes right after another fine-dining favorite, the Manresa, closed in late 2022. Now, as Noma finishes out its time as a fine-dining restaurant, fans will have to see what other gourmet establishments still try to brave the new dining world.