Dartmouth Gets Spooned

More than 200 enthusiastic guests. The electric buzz of a hungry crowd. A line snaking out the door. The familiar smells of coffee cake and melting chocolate.

No, it's not the opening day at a brand new local cronut bakery: it's Dartmouth's huge Spoon University launch party!

On May 11, in Collis Commonground, student groups from all around campus and local businesses came together to showcase their culinary creations and share delicious treats with gourmands and novice foodies alike.

Treats ranged from raw energy bites prepared by Growing Change, to coffee samples from the Dartmouth Coffee Club, to molecular gastronomy treats like carbonated blueberries (yes, we officially have the technology). The Dartmouth Physics Society wowed crowds with liquid nitrogen ice cream and the Ecovores' vegan cookies brought down the house. The Dartmouth Organic Farm and Students Fighting Hunger joined forces to create the savory Moroccan lamb meatballs on fresh naan.

All event attendees got the chance to sample food from a variety of stations and enter a raffle for the chance to win a three-month supply of popchips with all proceeds being donated to the Upper Valley Haven. In honor of our name, we had a giant spoon at our photobooth for attendees to show their support for Spoon University at Dartmouth.

If you weren't lucky enough to attend this launch, don't fret! Dartmouth Spoon is looking forward to hosting many more food-related fun events in the future. So get ready, get excited and get hungry! We can't wait to talk food with you.

Thank you to all who participated in the launch by providing delicious treats and hosting booths:


The Hanover Co-op Food Store

Dartmouth Coffee Club

Students Fighting Hunger

Dartmouth Organic Farm

Growing Change

Dartmouth Physics Society

Metro Bakery & Cafe

Spoon University: Gluten Free Blueberry Coffeecake (by Carolina Alvarez-Correa)

Spoon University: Oreo Brownies (by Natalie Van Brunt)

Spoon University: Chocolate Fondue (by Joon Cho and Jordan Kastrinsky)

Spoon University: Molecular Gastronomy – Carbonated Blueberries & Chocolate Foam Cakes with Freeze Dried Raspberries (by Chris Novak and Victoria Li)

If you're interested in learning more about Spoon University, blitz spoon.university@dartmouth.edu.

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