Pepsi Vs. Coke Campus

For those of you who don't know, most universities have contracts with Coke or Pepsi. With a Pepsi contract, universities are only allowed to sell Pepsi products on campus (and only Coke products for a Coke campus). As a result, universities receive a higher commission from these companies for the products they sell.

For instance, living on a Pepsi campus, there are only Pepsi dispensers in dining halls and cafes, and only Pepsi vending machines on campus. It's a Coca-Cola desert.

So how does a contract with Coke or Pepsi limit students' choices? What do you prefer? What are you missing out on? Let's take a look, shall we?

We begin with the obvious:

Lemon-Lime Sodas — Sprite or Sierra Mist

Root Beer — A&W or Mug

Fruity Sodas — Fanta or Crush

Sports Drinks — Powerade or Gatorade

Flavored Water — Vitamin Water or SoBe

Water — Dasani or Aquafina

Orange Juice — Simply Orange or Tropicana

Fruit Smoothies — Odwalla or Naked

It's a bit shocking, isn't it? To know that what you've been drinking for years is really all owned by the same two companies?

If you visit the PepsiCo or Coca-Cola websites, you can learn more about these companies. But if there are any drinks you haven't seen here, they may be owned by third-party Dr. Pepper Snapple Group....

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