Recap: What Did You Eat During Spring Break?

1. Anthony Zanguillo, CAS, Senior

"I went on a cruise to Florida and the Bahamas. Rum cakes are pretty good there."

2. Nick Brenock, Tisch, Junior and Amisha Sharma, CAS, Junior

Nick: "I was home in Boston... Was looking forward to my parent's cooking!"

Amisha: "I went home to Maryland. I experimented food recipes with my mum and she taught me how to cook Indian food."

3. Gracie Nash, Steinhardt, Senior and Billy Kiessling, Steinhardt, Senior

Gracie: "I was in West Palm Beach — my best friend goes to school there. This place called the Melting Pot serves cheese fondue and then for entrée, we get a fondue pot of oil where we dip meat and stuffs in!"

Billy: "There's a place called Comet Café in Milwaukee, they have the best Bloody Mary ever and the yummiest brunches."

4. Julia Shi, Stern, Freshman

"Seafood and ceviche in Cancún!"

5. Mayank Dalmia, CAS, Junior

"I experimented eating Puerto Rican food."

6. Shantal Cheong, CAS, Senior

"I was in Madrid and Barcelona and I had the best paella and churros there!"

7. Katherine Baker, CAS, Senior

"Cheese curds and deep fried cheese curds in Wisco."

8. Tallie Gabriel, Tisch, Sophomore

"Butterbeer in Harry Potter World!"

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