Coffee Club Column: 4/18

We savored the juicy mouthfeel, citrus flavors, and berry-like acidity of the Finca Tamana Espresso from Tim Wendelboe, a micro roastery in Oslo. As mentioned in last week's post, the extremely light roasting profiles of the coffee allowed for the sweet natural flavors and pleasant acidity to shine in the cup.

Our favorite brewing method for last week's coffee was the Aeropress, which allowed us to extract the optimum flavor and mouthfeel. The Aeropress is a great device that brews coffee by applying a small amount of pressure, much less than an espresso machine, to the grinds. You are left with a clean espresso-filter coffee hybrid, similar in taste to an Americano, that focuses on the most pronounced flavors in the beans. We aim to experience unique flavors in our featured coffees and these selections were definitely up to the task.

At the next meeting, we will be featuring three different filter coffees that represent a wide range of aromas and tastes. Continuing with our Scandinavian theme, we will be trying Drop Coffee's Ethiopian Workye Shallo and Tim Wendelboe's Brazilian Sitio Canaa Natural. Alongside the two Scandinavian coffees, we will also be drinking Counter Culture Coffee's Burundi Mpemba. We are especially looking forward to tasting the delicate notes of hibiscus and bergamot in the Workye Shallo, and the creamy syrupy body of the Sitio Canaa. There will be plenty of excellent coffee for everyone to experience and discuss.

And last, but most certainly not least, our beloved toast bar is back by popular demand. Everyone can dig into our assortment of freshly baked local bread toasted to buttery perfection and topped off with your choice of cinnamon sugar, Nutella, clover honey, and the one and only Teddie peanut butter.

So come hungry and in need of caffeine! Coffee Club's got your back and we cannot wait to share our delicious coffee and yummy toast with you this Friday from 3-5 pm in the New Hampshire hall lounge.

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