Juiceland Wonderland

Ever try a smoothie with jalepeño or celery in it? Yeah, didn't think so. At Juiceland you'll find smoothies with the weirdest things in them. They seem pretty intimidating, but after trying one of these beverages you'll understand what the crazy line outside the store is all about.

A variety of smoothie options

Juiceland is the perfect place to go if you are hoping for a healthy snack that will relieve your hunger and satisfy your tastebuds. It offers smoothies and little snacks to grab on the go, such as quinoa, kale chips, vegan zucchini bread, and other goodies. When I went for the first time with my friend, the menu seriously freaked me out. I didn't want spirulina or hemp oil in my smoothie. Seriously, why the eff would someone want that stuff in their smoothie?

I stuck to what seemed like the most normal option to me. The "honey bear" off the dessert menu had seemingly harmless contents of bananas, peanut butter, honey, and almond milk. I tried it and it was like all of my banana and peanut butter dreams had come true.

My more experienced friend made me try hers. And as weird as some of its ingredients were, I couldn't help but like it. She got the "originator" and if you like bananas and peanut butter, just stop there. The other ingredients were apple juice, cherry, blueberry, a rice protein, flax oil, and spirulina. It tasted like the perfect proportion of banana and peanut butter with just a hint of blueberry. So weird but oh so good.

Don't forget about the juice cleanse options

Juiceland also has juice cleanse options. I personally don't think I could last more than three hours without being fed, but I know juice cleanses are popular (especially before spring break) so hit up Juiceland if that's your thing.

Furthermore, there are some serious health shots on the menu. Typically people take these shots to get a boost of vitamins, cleanse the system or get a daily dose of fruits and or veggies. One time the girl in front of me ordered the "medicine man" shot and I watched her take it. She squealed and did a little dance afterward, probably because it has both jalepeño and habañero in it .... I mean that may have been why, but what do I know. The medicine man shot would be a shot to help boost the metabolism or to just wake the eff up because all that spice will definitely get you movin'.

So basically, if you are on a health-kick, are really into smoothies, or just want to try something new, different and Austin-y, you gotta check this place out!

Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-8pm, Sun: 8am-8pm

Location: 2307 Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin, TX 78701

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