Pie In The Face: A Huge Carnival Success

Pies + Faces = Fun. Soon everyone got in on the action.

Kathy Kwong receives a pie to the face from a UO student. Photo by Judy Holtz

Kathy Kwong takes another paper plate of whipped confection to the face. Photo by Judy Holtz

Marketing team member Andrew Weiss contemplates what it means to receive so many pies to the face. Photo by Lauren Beane

Three unknown UO girls pie each other; a testament of true friendship. Photo by Lauren Beane

Pie friends who pose together, stay together. Photo by Lauren Beane

Soon, even some of our own Spoon members had to take a turn on the throwing side...

Marketing team member Lindsey Wallach and Spoon Editor-in-Chief Cody Byrne gear up for an intense pie-ing. Photo by Judy Holtz

Before she knew it, Spoon marketing member Amanda Peth was pelted by friendly fire...

Amanda Peth patiently awaits her pie destiny. Photo by Lauren Beane

Amanda realizes her pie destiny. Photo by Lauren Beane

Amanda Peth informs a student about how amazing Spoon University is. Photo by Lauren Beane

All in all, the whole carnival was a success. Students had fun, people were excited to play games for cheesy prizes and everyone who came out seemed to enjoy themselves and relive some childhood excitement from their youth. Our Spoon staff successfully passed out flyers and chatted with carnival goers in an effort to inform the student body about the UO's involvement with Spoon University and encourage curious minds to check out our webpage. Most importantly, students were lining up to throw some whip cream pies at some lovely faces and have a blast.

Alani Estrella and Jacob Cantu get ready to toss some pies. Photo by Lauren Beane

Photo by Lauren Beane

Sophomore Alani Estrella, a chemistry major, and Jacob Cantu, a freshman studying sports business, got lured into the action (pictured above). Despite receiving some whipped topping shrapnel, both greatly enjoyed their pie throwing experience.

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