Edible Easter Eggs

1. Chinese tea eggs

These hard-boiled eggs, a traditional Chinese street food, acquire their spiderweb pattern by gently cracking their shells and steeping them in black tea and soy sauce.

2. Colorful marbled eggs

A colorful spin on the traditional brown tea eggs above, these eggs are made using the same method of cracking the shells and leaving them intact, but they are soaked in food coloring to give them their vibrant colors.

3. Onion skin eggs

Put your onion skins to good use by making this unconventional version of a golden egg. Almost as easy as hard-boiling eggs, you simply wrap the egg in an onion skin and secure it with a cloth and rubber band before cooking.

4. Pickled eggs

Pickled eggs are surprisingly delicious, especially with the addition of beet juice to the pickling liquid. You can use other ingredients, such as curry powder, to achieve different colors and flavors.

5. Chocolate-filled eggs

If you're feeling ambitious this Easter, try making these elegant chocolate-filled eggshells. They are especially pretty if you take the extra step of dyeing the eggshells first, and though they do take some time and patience, they are sure to impress at any social gathering.

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