The Specialty Heinz Mayonnaise You Can Only Find At Five Guys

What's more delicious than a juicy burger? Not much — especially when it comes from Five Guys. Perfecting the patty has made the fast food chain into the quintessential modern burger joint. But Five Guys' success isn't solely down to serving excellent burgers for a reasonable price. Devotees adore the heaps of free peanuts, no-nonsense décor, and flavorfully grilled toppings. And then there's the rest of the menu. With their perfectly crisp texture, Five Guys' fries are a triumph unto themselves — one given in abundance, as anyone who's ever hauled a bulging bag of them knows. Their milkshakes are as tasty as they are customizable. Even their non-burger sandwiches are solid, ranging from the humble grilled cheese to the juicy BLT.

Five Guys' achievements are clearly a multifaceted affair. And yet, this vast variety of tastiness is all the result of one simple thing: The chain's dedication to quality. This is what truly makes Five Guys' food so delicious – and it extends to the condiments. In fact, Five Guys only offers one kind of mayonnaise in every single one of its restaurants — and it's one you can't get anywhere else.

Heinz's special mayonnaise

Five Guys' special mayonnaise is the product of a long and complicated search. How different could one rendition of mayonnaise be from another, you might wonder? Apparently, very. According to Taste of Home, Five Guys considered a whopping 16 different takes on the classic condiment. At the end of this winding journey, only one mayo reigned supreme. The winner, which you can find in Five Guys establishments all over the world, comes from Heinz.

What makes this particular mayo so delicious? As any Five Guys patron can tell you, it boasts a unique depth of flavor and a pleasantly authentic taste, much like everything else on the menu. This is mayo as it's meant to be: Rich, mellow, and just a bit tangy. 

But if you're looking to incorporate this magical mayo into your own cooking, you're out of luck. According to The Manchester Evening News, Five Guys' mayo is a special blend, made for the chain and absolutely no one else. You can go to the supermarket and buy some Heinz mayonnaise, but it won't be the Heinz mayonnaise you find at Five Guys.

Five Guys' exacting standards

Five Guys takes its mayonnaise seriously. But mayo is just one ingredient in the Five Guys panoply of flavor, and the celebrated chain takes them all extremely seriously. Each ingredient is handled with thoughtfulness and care at every single point in the cooking process. Take those famous fries, for example. According to Reader's Digest, Five Guys buys all its potatoes from Idaho and Washington, where the chilly climate creates a delightfully dense tuber. After they're sliced, these prize potatoes take a dip in peanut oil. How about those burgers? They're not made from patties that have spent months hanging around a freezer, slowly losing flavor. As the Five Guys website states, they only use fresh, never-frozen beef.

It makes sense, then, that Five Guys is so exacting about their mayonnaise — it's how they handle absolutely everything they serve. No corners are cut, no food is frozen, and no condiment goes un-perfected. This ethos should comfort those who are frustrated by the secrecy surrounding Heinz's special Five Guys mayo. You might not know the precise ingredients that go into it, but you can be sure they're held to the highest possible standards.