Starbucks Brings Back Its Pistachio Latte For A Third Year

The Hanukah candles have gone dim, the Christmas cookies have been eaten, and the New Year's firecrackers have been popped. The holidays are over, and soon, Starbucks' holiday menu will disappear. While the coffee giant vaguely reports that its holiday sips and eats will only last as long as it supplies does, StarbMag has a little more specific end date. The outlet notes the Starbucks holiday menu typically comes to an end the week after New Year's Day. 

However, while fans will soon have to bid a teary farewell to the peppermint mocha, Starbucks isn't letting fans go about their days without being able to treat themselves to something tasty. Starbucks announced on January 3 that its winter menu is back, and so is its seasonal pistachio latte.

First debuting in 2021, as Thrillist reports, the salty-sweet drink tastes like butterscotch, which has clearly made it a hit with Starbies lovers. However, in 2023, the pistachio flavor is returning to the winter menu with some old and new items, including a familiar sugary pastry. Here are all the pistachio — and non-pistachio — treats fans can to savor this season.

Starbucks is bringing back the pistachio latte and adding a pistachio cold brew

According to Starbucks, this beloved latte is a pistachio-flavored drink topped off with a salted brown butter drizzle. As with its last limited-time offering, fans will be able to order the drink hot, iced, or in frappe form. However, for the first time ever, fans will also be able to sip on a pistachio cold cream cold brew. The new drink includes vanilla syrup, pistachio cream cold foam, and brown butter sprinkles.

And that's not the only goodie Starbucks is putting on its menu for the winter season. The chain also announced that fans will be able to savor its red velvet loaf at snacktime again. A vanilla-flavored dessert mixed with a swirl of red velvet and topped with white-chocolate icing, this loaf is "dense" and "rich without being too sweet," according to The Impulsive Buy.

As with all of Starbucks' seasonal menu items, its pistachio and red velvet treats will only be for available a limited time. According to Elite Daily, fans will likely be able to buy these products until sometime in March, when Starbucks usually starts selling its spring menu.