Replicate Summer With This Aldi Frozen Fruit Sangria Hack

If recent weather conditions are anything to go by, we're looking at a long, cold winter. While sangria usually isn't considered a winter drink the same way hot chocolate or tea is, you might find yourself longing for a cold refreshing cocktail to bring back memories of the warm, invigorating summer. If you find yourself looking for such an escape from the winter blues, you may need to stop by your local Aldi store — or at least talk to the so-called "Aldi Nerds."

The "Aldi Nerd Community" is a Facebook group of your average Aldi shoppers who get together to share good finds, special deals, and recipes and crafts made from goods purchased at their local Aldi. It's not exactly hard to see why there would be so many "nerds" or "superfans" of Aldi, considering the chain's low prices and extensive selection of goods, via The U.S. Sun. It is these superfans who enjoy experimenting and creating a variety of hacks, tips, and tricks that are meant to give the average Aldi shopper the most bang for their buck.

But it's not so much Aldi itself that we have to thank for this sangria-making hack, but the community of Aldi fans for inventing it. The drink isn't so much a glass or a fancy cocktail tumbler full of red wine and oranges, but instead, it's a literal bag of booze.

You'll need a bag of frozen fruit for this

According to Today, the "Aldi Nerd" community invented the drink through the combination of two Aldi products: Pacific Fruit Vineyards-brand wine and your choice of frozen fruit. From what we are told, the method of making this sangria involves opening both the wine and the bag of fruit and then just pouring the wine directly into the bag. The frozen fruit inside of the bag will act as edible ice cubes, keeping the wine cold and infusing the drink with classic sangria flavors. If you're worried about the bag leaking or making a mess, you can dump the fruit into a pitcher and then add the wine with the same results.

Aldi also sells pre-made sangria by the bottle in some locations, with brands such as "Sangriana Sangria" and "Winking Owl Sangria." While Aldi is commonly known for selling grocery or home décor items, the chain does have a modest selection of alcohol to choose from. Is Aldi's alcohol worth trying out this sangria trick on, or are you better off getting your booze somewhere else?

Aldi's alcohol selection seems to be pretty popular

According to LAD Bible, Aldi's "South Point Estate Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir," which despite its mouthful of a name costs only $4.99, actually took home a Double Gold score at the 2022 Melbourne International Wine Competition. In 2017 a few years earlier, the chain's "Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin," priced at a modest $13.99, won a gold medal at International Wine and Spirits Challenge, via The Independent, and in that same year, Aldi's $9 rose wine won the International Wine Challenge. It seems that, for a place known for its discount goods, Aldi's alcohol is good enough to stand up with the fancier, more expensive spirits on the market.

If this is the case, it would seem that Aldi may not be a bad place to grab some drinks, whether you're making a citrusy white sangria or you just want to expand your liquor palette. While Aldi may not have the most exclusive or high-end drinks on tap, you can at least be comforted that you're getting a decent spirit at a pretty low price.