Not Enough Time For Deviled Eggs? You Do Have Time For Eggs Rémoulade

From start to finish, a classic deviled eggs recipe takes about a half hour or more to complete, according to the Food Network. This delicious snack is a real crowd-pleaser, but not one that can you can throw together at the very last minute. From cooking the eggs to peeling their pesky shells, to piping or spooning in the filling, the whole process can be laborious.

This potluck favorite and southern classic contains simple, inexpensive ingredients — eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, and seasoning — most of which people typically keep stocked in their pantry. And, there are tons of variations on the traditional formula, per Food Network.

Just because you don't have the time to make deviled eggs doesn't mean you have to scrap the idea altogether. Just switch gears slightly by whipping up eggs rémoulade. This recipe requires half the time of deviled eggs but packs an equally powerful punch of delicious flavor (per Bon Appétit).

Rémoulade elevates boiled eggs

If you're down to the wire before entertaining guests, don't throw in the towel on deviled eggs. Make your life easier by preparing eggs rémoulade instead. Rebekah Peppler shares her recipe for this classic dish from her book, "À Table: Recipes for Cooking + Eating the French Way," with Bon Appétit. Following her instructions, this crowd favorite should come together in about 15 minutes.

While you boil your eggs for 10 minutes, make the rémoulade by mixing mayonnaise with cornichons, anchovies, lime, mustard, capers, and herbs. After the eggs cool in ice water, slice them in half and place them yolk side up on a plate. Then spoon the rémoulade over top, and finish the dish off with hot sauce. The final product has vibrant colors and an electric flavor.

Feel free to experiment with the ingredients in your rémoulade. You can add a cajun flare to your eggs with creole mustard, add celery for crunch, or give them tang with Greek yogurt. As with traditional deviled eggs, the variations on this dish are plentiful so get creative with you favorite flavors.