10 Food Trends That Are Set To Take Over 2023

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As the page flips on the calendar and another year begins, what was once trending will soon be changing. Every year welcomes new trends that are predicted across all sorts of categories such as style, decor, fashion, and even food. Whether you are ready or not, new food trends could have the dinner table looking a bit different in 2023. Some trends catch on quickly and evolve into staples while others fade into the distance as time ticks on. The thrill of getting your fingers on the latest craze is exciting, even if the item you're after is overrated or out of stock. The mad dash to the grocery store for the latest food obsession may leave you loving some new finds, while others just leave a bad taste.

This year may have been filled with butter boards, nacho tables, charcuterie boards, overnight oats, and mug cakes, but it's about to be a whole new year (via Food & Wine). And the latest food predictions have already been swirling even before the ball drops. Old-school favorites, cooking hacks, explosive flavor profiles, and more are waiting for you in 2023. Which of these upcoming foodie trends will gain the most traction? We can't be too sure, but we have a few ideas that are forecasted to take over 2023 in a big way.


What is normally considered a typical fall favorite food may soon become a year-round trend. Cinnamon is continuing to find its footing — outside of pumpkin spice season. According to AP News, cinnamon and kindred products have been steadily gaining traction across the United States, parts of Mexico, and the Netherlands. The popularity is partly due to a heightened awareness of cinnamon's health benefits. Whether you sprinkle a little spice on your bowl of oatmeal, add a dash of it to a hot beverage, or top a dessert, cinnamon packs a punch of antioxidants that can aid the body, as per Insider. This classic spice's predicted resurgence is stimulating new flavor combinations from food makers and culinary experts.

Whether you are health conscious or simply desire the taste, you may see cinnamon included as a main ingredient in products on the shelves of the local grocer and in dishes at restaurants as you head into the new year. It's not just home cooks and chefs jumping onboard, either. Processed food makers are joining the cinnamon spice food hype and have announced the launch of classic cinnamon food combinations for 2023. Amongst the cinnamon craze products is a coffee creamer mimicking a breakfast pastry. According to Thrillist, Coffee Mate is releasing a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tart Creamer in the beginning of the year. Cinnamon has been prized for thousands of years, it should be no surprise it's resurfacing as a current favorite.

Squash-based pasta

Swapping out traditional carbs isn't a new fad. What you swap them with is, however. Carbohydrates are an essential part of living, as notes Harvard Medical School's The Nutrition Source, so while you can't eliminate them from your diet altogether, there are alternatives you can consider if you're looking to cut your overall carb intake. Zoodles had their moment in the spotlight, but another vegetable is ready to leave them behind come 2023. Low-carb, veggie-based pasta solutions have a chance to evolve into a go-to food item come the new year. While you can certainly purchase the prepackaged varieties, there is always the homemade route to consider as well.

Ditch the zucchini and say hello to squash. Squash is growing increasingly popular as a pasta substitute in kitchens (via Whole Foods). Though spaghetti squash is noted for the easy manner in which the pulp forks out into perfect thin strands (it's right there in the name), butternut squash also makes for a tasty and nutritious pasta alternative. And don't forget about yellow summer squash: This hearty vegetable is loaded with nutrients and minerals such as folate, B6, and potassium, according to Healthline. Join the hype, pin some recipes, and try to make some squash noodles of your own this year using a spiralizer like this one available on Amazon.


With the closing of this year, it's not unusual for people to reflect back on the days past. Looking at the 2022 year in reverse, there are some foods that topped the charts and restaurant menus that will continue to make it on to plates well into 2023 — sort of. Meatless alternatives like mushrooms were hit this year, and still will be for the following one. Consuming mushrooms as a main food source has been a growing food fad for several years and shows no signs of stopping in 2023 and beyond. Indeed, the mushroom industry is expected to grow by nearly 10% annually through 2030, according to Grand View Research.

Ordinarily, amongst the thousands of varieties of mushrooms out there, the most commonly used in cooking include button (white), cremini, portobello, and shiitake, according to Farmers' Almanac. These kinds of mushrooms are readily available and subtle on the taste buds. While these varieties may still be in the running for most popular come January, there is one type of mushroom that could overtake the old classics. According to Natural Wellness, maitake mushrooms may take over plates this upcoming year. Also known as hen of the woods, this unique cluster of fungus grows directly on oak trees and is commonly found in Japan. Like most other kinds of mushrooms, this variety is nutrient-dense and low in carbohydrates. Ultimately, though, any serving of any type of mushroom you enjoy the most is a good choice.

Avocado oil

It is all about the type of oil in 2023 — cooking oil, that is. Olive, corn, canola, vegetable — there are a variety of cooking oils one can choose from. You may have cooked with a few already, as they are frequently used in the kitchen and are often the base of numerous recipes. However, there is a new oil on the shelf, and it is on pace to be the go-to cooking oil for 2023. Avocado oil is getting its turn in the spotlight.

While avocado oil is not exactly new to the market, it is receiving new attention from product producers. Beginning in 2023, the avocado oil industry is projected to grow by $516.45 million over a five-year period, as per Globe Newswire. The anticipated growth comes with supported reasoning: Avocado oil has a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids good for promoting a healthy heart, and is lower in saturated fat, sodium, and calories compared to ingredients like butter, notes Food Struct. It is swiftly becoming favorable for its neutral flavor and higher smoke point when compared to any other oil variety, according to Bon Appétit. Its high heat tolerance makes it a versatile cooking oil suitable for baking, searing, frying, or roasting.

Unusual coffee blends

Throughout 2023, mushrooms will continue to dominate the food scene. But these organic edibles won't just be a star entrée. Mushrooms you can drink are becoming more conventional. According to a press release from Lyons Magnus as cited in PR Newswire, pure coffee beans will no longer be the only option for helping you power through your day, as alternatives like mushroom coffee are gaining traction. Now, don't go dipping a mushroom top into your mug. Mushroom coffee is usually finely ground and packaged similarly to regular ground coffee you would find on the shelves of your local grocery store.

Mushroom coffee may become the new morning cup of joe for those looking to take advantage of its lower caffeine content and host of other benefits. As per Healthline, adaptogenic mushrooms such as Lion's mane and reishi are ground mixed with coffee beans to create the mushroom coffee replacement. The specific quality of mushrooms the brew is made from is what is accelerating all the hype: The adaptogenic mushrooms are reported to help reduce stress and anxiety, and aid in immunity. Ring in the new year by pouring yourself a hot cup of mushroom coffee.

Preserved fish

Food has phases, and some may wish this next one to be a short one, while others are hailing its mainstream moment. Your dinner table has a new addition coming this new year, and it's probably not what you would expect. The new trend on the horizon? Canned fish. When compared to rising prices of fresh fish, canned salmon, mackerel, and albacore tuna can be enjoyable alternatives.

Fish in a can, if you will, has been around a long, long time. Except in 2023, you may stop in the shopping aisle and look at it a bit differently. This year, canned fish is finally being presented in a delectable way that makes people want to actually purchase it. "We're finally convincing Americans that tinned fish is not just canned chunk lite tuna that you need to mash with mayo and put between two slices of white bread; that it's incredibly elevated and delightful," Becca Millstein, Fishwife CEO, told Well + Good. That's right, according to The Modern Proper, preserved fish can be deliciously served with simple crackers as a snack, as a protein over a salad, or even mixed with mac and cheese. In 2023, preserved fish is making it to the table in ways no recipe has seen before.

Natural sweeteners

Although sweet treats are delicious, they're not usually the healthiest food items you could select from the pantry. Sugary snacks contain, well, lots of sugar. The average American eats significantly more added sugar per day than the recommended daily allowance, according to Healthline. With this in mind, decreasing the sugar intake is likely trending for 2023. Maintaining a healthier lifestyle typically ranks as one of the top three choices for most people in terms of New Year's resolutions, per Statista. Set to take over the resolution list is none other than natural sweeteners. With the surge of low-carb, paleo, and keto diet plans over the last few years, sugar substitutes have been on the rise. Looking ahead, this trend will continue to grow well into the next year.

According to Market Watch, due to advancements in how natural sweeteners are starting to be made, the production of more sugar substitutes will likely increase in the coming years. These non-sugar substitutes replace refined white sugar with fewer calories but the same sweet flavor. Fortunately, there are several options for you to choose from such as stevia, erythritol, xylitol, or monk fruit (via Healthline). These lower-calorie options allow you satisfy your sweet tooth while helping you cut back on your sugar intake. 


If you begin noticing more pistachio nut advertisements on the television screens or more bags than usual stockpiled on the shelves at the grocery stores, it's probably not a coincidence. These nuts are getting all the attention in 2023, and for really good reason. Just recently, pistachio nuts proved just how beneficial to human health they could be if consumed as part of a balanced diet. According to a press release from American Pistachio Growers as cited at PR Newswire, new research conducted by Cornell University uncovered how pistachios contain super high levels of antioxidants when compared to known antioxidant powerhouses such as blueberries, beets, pomegranates, and cherries. 

As the American Pistachio Growers note, consuming foods that contain high levels of antioxidants can aid the body in multiple ways. Sufficient consumption can help the body fight off free radicals, allow cells to oxidize, prevent premature aging, and help the body ward off diseases. Incorporating pistachio nuts into your daily diet can be ideal any time of day, from breakfast to dinner and all the snacking in between. Get your antioxidant levels up in 2023 — grab some pistachios!

Gluten-free grains

Veggie-based pastas will still be on-trend in 2023, but for those who can't seem to let go of the grain, there's another alternative we have to share. Beginning in the new year, get ready to make way for more gluten-free, grain-based pasta choices. What is gluten, and why is it bothersome? According to registered dietitian and doctor of integrative medicine Amy Burkhart, the gluten protein is found in items made with wheat, rye, or barley. When ingested, those specific grains can disrupt the digestive tract of someone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. 

Whether you have a gluten intolerance, celiac disease, or wheat allergy, you have several pastas to choose from. When shopping for gluten-free pasta, look for brands that create their product with grains such as millet and sorghum. The two naturally gluten-free grains are capturing the attention of many consumers, according to BakeMag. Other brands have made their gluten-free pastas with grain legumes such as lentils and chickpeas, as per New York Magazine. So if the zoodles and spaghetti squash just aren't cutting it, say goodbye to gluten in the year. Try enjoying a bowl of gluten-free pasta instead.

Recreated old favorites

Eating food that makes you feel good just tastes better. Would you not agree? Nostalgic eats will be all the rage for the next few months. In the following year, you can expect to see a massive resurgence of some old favorite dishes, except this time they will be crafted with way less fat, fewer calories, fewer ingredients you can't pronounce, and in smaller portions, as per Natural Grocers. For instance, consumers can set aside their traditional sodas in favor of bubbly beverages containing probiotics, which promote digestion and a healthy gut microbiome (per Healthline). Or, wine drinkers could opt for an organic product rather than a regular bottle. Comfort foods such as forgotten cereals, pizza roll-ups, and other oldies will be released with a twist (via Martha Stewart). For inspiration on which dishes to get started with in the new year, simply search for vintage recipe inspiration on TikTok