Burger King's New Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich Was Just Leaked

While coffee lovers seem to go out of their way to leak Starbucks' seasonal menu online each year, that doesn't mean foodies are letting fast-food brand Burger King rest easy. Burger King fans unveiled that the Whopper-slinging chain is releasing an all-new original chicken sandwich.

The leak happened thanks to a completely inconspicuous Reddit thread that's title urged users to not tell anyone about a picture of some promotional materials for the new menu item. While the thread was posted on December 13, the post insisted that this all-new product wouldn't appear at Burger King until next January — which The Fast Food Post has confirmed. But all the juicy facts aside, you probably want to know the details of this new menu item. According to the Reddit forum, this new product is adding some Mexican food flair to Burger King's Original Chicken Sandwich (not to be confused with their Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich line). 

Burger King's new leaked chicken sandwich is already causing a stir

According to The Fast Food Post, this Mexican-food-inspired lunch will combine the chain's well-loved breaded chicken with ghost pepper cheese and fried jalapeños. And the Mexican original chicken sandwich's ingredients have left news outlets and fans on Reddit alike comparing the soon-to-debut item to the Ghost Pepper Whopper (which also featured ghost pepper cheese and jalapeños, per Restaurant Business Online) Burger King released for Halloween in October.

However, while the new chicken sandwich's similarity to the limited edition burger has some fans excited, not every Burger King lover has been impressed with the leaked menu item. Many Redditors in the r/fastfood subreddit felt the Mexican chicken sandwich should feature more ingredients authentic to Mexican cuisines like green chiles and cilantro. One user even took a jab at the sandwich's reported Mexican food influence by commenting, "add jalapeños to anything and it becomes Mexican."

So it seems the Mexican original chicken sandwich has already become a controversial addition to BK's menu before the chain itself has even had the chance to make a statement about it. But despite its rocky start, the new menu item will undoubtedly be available this coming January and is estimated to sell for $5.99 a sandwich, per The Fast Food Post.