Aldi's Wild Herring Is Seriously Dividing TikTok

In the U.S. Herring doesn't have quite the same reputation as salmon or tuna. Rather, it is smaller and bonier than these more popular forms of seafood, per NPR. It can take on a variety of different flavors depending on how it is prepared. For instance, NPR describes grilled herring as "flaky" and "mild."It's also typical to pickle, salt, or smoke the fish, per Britannica. In its rawest form, it has a salty taste, according to What's up with Amsterdam. Each style may not appeal to everybody.

Recently, jars of herring bought at Aldi have been stirring quite the discussion online. In specific, Freemont Fish Market Wild Herring in Wine Sauce received mixed reactions. Some Redditors stated that they were turned off by the use of wine sauce. On the flip side, other customers have reported loving the pickled version of the tiny fish, stating that it can either be enjoyed out of the jar or as a bread topping. Recently, the division over this item was only amplified, thanks to one viral TikTok post causing people to jump to defend the food item faster than ever.

Some shoppers have been enjoying this food item since childhood

A TikTok user with the handle @aldiallthetime posted a video to their account, stating that she had previously never tried the jarred item, but TikTok had convinced her to give it a shot. Now, she's eating it out of the jar or on a piece of bread with cream cheese because it's among her "favorite things at Aldi." The original poster described the taste of this fish to be sweet and tangy.

Some users expressed their love for the product, stating that eating the dish was part of their childhood. Herring is a part of many European cuisines, including in the Netherlands, Germany, and Scandinavia (via The Denver Post). Redditor @janeybird910 wrote, "Love pickled herring! It's a Danish tradition to eat it on New Year's Eve to bring luck for the next year!" But clearly, it also has fans in the U.S. as TikToker, @mateo_4571 commented, "I grew up in NYC. My Mom used to buy this all the time. Even as a kid I loved it."

Others would not budge in their refusal to try the fish. In response to @aldiallthetime's request that people "hear [her] out" about how good she thinks the herring is, user @arblackmon1 wrote, "I will not be hearing anyone out." Another user, @kitt7276 was also against trying the product, stating, "I...I just can't." Whether it has more fans or skeptics, this food definitely has stirred up quite a bit of discussion on the internet.