The 9 Best Restaurants To Dine At While You're In Milwaukee

Ah, Milwaukee: Flanked by Lake Michigan, it's home to a dizzying amount of popular breweries and two professional sports teams. The most populated city in Wisconsin is in a league of its own. And we certainly can't neglect to mention the bustling restaurant scene, which was described by Wolfgang Schaefer as a sleeping behemoth that doesn't take itself too seriously (via Discover Milwaukee).

Some of us may be conjuring up images of sharp cheddar and Kringles when we think of Milwaukee's grub, but it's a place that has much more to offer. Whether you want fresh seafood, soul-warming breakfast staples, or a comforting bowl of ramen, Milwaukee has you covered, and for a mostly-affordable price.

Dive into the delicious history of the town of Milwaukee with some must-try restaurants for residents and tourists alike. Spoiler alert: Some of the restaurants in Milwaukee are so good that you'll want to visit again and again. You (and your taste buds) are welcome.

Sanford Restaurant

Date night, anyone? Sanford Restaurant is a Milwaukee favorite that places an emphasis on serving fresh and seasonal ingredients. In fact, owner and Head Chef Justin Aprahamian even changes up his offerings on a daily basis to elevate these aforementioned items.

Currently, the restaurant offers a four- or seven-course meal for a flat fee (rates may vary depending on the day). Although the average cost is a bit pricey for most people (around $95), reviewers mention that the atmosphere and service make the restaurant ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and a variety of other special occasions.

Diner Dennis Anderson went there for a birthday dinner and found the service to be incredible and the food delicious. You can choose from options like the Molasses-Glazed Quail, Fennel-Dusted Beef Tenderloin, or go all-out with the Seared Foie Gras. Whatever you choose, you truly cannot go wrong. Everything is carefully crafted with unexpected, multi-dimensional flavor profiles.

Want to grab a seat for tonight's dinner? Good luck. Sanford Restaurant is so popular that the eatery recommends diners reserve their meal up to a month in advance!

Reserve your table at Sanford Restaurant by calling 414-276-9608.

Blue's Egg

Breakfast and lunch lovers unite! Blue's Egg has all the fixings to make pancakes, benedicts, omelets, and heaps more. This delicious restaurant is located on the corner of West Bluemound Road (name inspo, anyone?) and South 76th Street. We recommend the Very Stuffed Hashbrowns, which are golden on the outside and are combined with chunks of salty ham and aged cheddar cheese.

Reviewer Vivianne Maduro gave the restaurant a rave review and praised the Bloody Mary with vegetable-infused vodka. How can we neglect to mention the specialty drinks! Besides the Bloody Mary (which also includes a rather thick pickle), expect to see items like mimosas, bellinis, ciders, and the popular Dairy State drink (think bourbon, vanilla extract, spices, and milk) on the menu. 

Don't want to sit down for breakfast? No sweat! Blue's Egg allows customers to order online and take their delicious meal to go.

Reserve your seats at Blue's Egg via OpenTable.

Swingin' Door Exchange

The Swingin' Door Exchange is where an English pub meets an American dive bar, complete with fried fish and chips to boot. Come for the drinks and stay for the delectable patty melt (and maybe grab a napkin or two, you'll need it).

According to reviewer Mel Brousseau, the BBQ ribs were delicious. Brousseau also praised the Brussels sprouts and Vermouth carrots sides. The atmosphere of this bar may seem dark and moody (likely due to the crimson carpet and cherry-wood tables), but the lively bartenders and customers make it a happening place to spend a Saturday (or a Wednesday). 

There's a reason people swarm to this bar like bees to honey: The food and drinks are well-priced and delicious. Fair warning: You may have to wait for a little time for a seat or two. The Swingin' Door Exchange does not accept reservations: It's walk-ins only!

Lakefront Brewery Beer Hall

The multi-dimensional Lakefront Brewery has more to offer patrons than just well-made beer. Enjoy casual sandwiches, salads, or even a sausage flight with a cold one (or two) at the connecting beer hall. We recommend the Fish Fry Basket: You get a helping of seasoned fries with beer-battered fish and tartar sauce.

Patron Colton Barney raves about the cheese curds and asserts that they complement the breaded cheese perfectly. The sandwiches are delicious, and the fries taste wonderful with vinegar. Lakefront Brewery is reasonably priced, and it offers a variety of options for those who are vegetarian, gluten-free, and for kids. Plus, they're open every night of the week. Take the kids for an easy dinner, or make it a fun night out with friends, complete with weekly trivia!

Reservations are required for Lakefront Brewery's Trivia Night or for Brewery Tour tickets: Otherwise, no reservations are needed!

Story Hill BKC

Whether you go for a shareable plate or a 'binder' (which is how this establishment refers to sides) with your main entree. This quirky restaurant offers everything from savory crepes to giant chicken meatballs. According to reviewer Savio Lobo, all the dishes were perfect, from the beef tartare to the pork schnitzel,

Story Hill BKC has it all. No, really. You can hit up this establishment for brunch, lunch, a midday snack, and dinner. They also offer catering, special holiday-centric events, and private dining.

The unassuming brick-walled exterior doesn't give away what the inside holds. We recommend starting your meal with the Fresh Baked Butter Flake Rolls, which is what we consider to be the lovechild of a croissant and a regular dinner roll. Next, enjoy the Beef Short Rib Gnocchi, which is handmade in-house, with a side of Smoked Yukon Au Gratin. You may have to undo your belt after chowing down on these comforting dishes, but hey, sacrifices must be made in the name of good food.

Reserve your seats at Story Hill BKC via OpenTable.

Odd Duck

Since Odd Duck changes up its menu so often, you never quite know what you're getting yourself into (hence the name Odd Duck). However, if previous offerings are any indication, you'll have an excess of options ranging from veggie-centric dishes to carnivorous delights.

Reviewer C. Ernest says this is one of the best restaurants in the Milwaukee area and that everything, from the craft cocktails to the dishes, is perfect. We recommend starting with the Chef's Choice charcuterie board, which features four different types of cheeses and meats with surprise accompaniments. Next, enjoy something like the Seafood Stew, which has mussels, shrimp, and cod.

The best part? Odd Duck has a large drink menu, which features their special cocktail, Courage. This tasty drink has a lot going for it, but best of all, the proceeds go to a charity that works to give resources to the LGBTQ+ youth of Milwaukee. Helping folks out and getting a killer cocktail in the process? We're all in.

Reserve your table at Odd Duck via Resy.

Harbor House

Harbor House is a seafood lover's dream come true. This restaurant offers freshly-caught shrimp, crab, calamari, and much more (but to be fair, the price does reflect the quality). Reviewer Kenitha Rabb had a wonderful experience at this restaurant and mentions that they were seated at a table that had a wonderful view of the lake. Rabb also praised the service and the food

We recommend the South African Lobster Tails for dinner, which are steamed and served with chunks of potatoes, wilted spinach, and lots and lots of butter. Going for brunch? Choose the New England Clam Chowder, which is rich and creamy and features pieces of salty bacon and tender potatoes.

Pro tip: Ask to be seated outside for the best lakeside views and some fresh air. If you have a reservation for the evening, you'll be able to see plenty of gleaming lights dotting the coastline. It's a dreamy experience ideal for any special occasion.

Reserve your seats at Harbor House via OpenTable.


An extensive wine list and happy-hour exclusives? Count us in! Birch also offers carefully-crafted small plates or larger bowls of pasta and wood-fired meat. Our mouths are watering just thinking about the delicious options. Reviewer Shaan Somani, who very much enjoyed their meal at Birch, mentions that the menu is quite vegetarian-friendly. 

Our favorite meal (which also has the best name)? Chicken Under a Brick. Impeccably-grilled Brussels sprouts are carefully laid down with a tender piece of chicken and dressed with goat cheese and marinated mushrooms. Combine this with the suggested wine pairing for an additional fee, and you're in business. Other delicious dishes include the charred beef tartare with sorrel and mint. 

Not a wine person? Birch has delicious, traditional cocktails like old fashioneds, martinis, and margaritas. The restaurant has also thoughtfully added non-alcoholic cocktail options to its menu. This is certainly a place where everyone can find something they'll enjoy.

Reserve your table for Birch via Tock.

Momo Mee Asian Cuisine

At Momo Mee Asian Cuisine, you can enjoy classic staples like fragrant ramen, crispy wontons, and tofu served your way. Be warned: These meals are served piping hot, so eat carefully. You can even grab a hearty lunch-sized portion of your usual order for just $12!

Reviewer and Milwaukee discovered this restaurant and swears by the Spicy Korean Noodles with chicken. Our favorite? The vegetarian-friendly Shiitake Ramen! Enjoy the fragrant veggie broth combined with two types of mushrooms, tofu, corn, scallions, and bean sprouts. It's the food equivalent of a hug in a bowl.

Enjoy the laid-back environment of Momo Mee Asian Cuisine, complete with a well-stocked bar. Momo Mee is the ideal place for a date night, a family meal, or even drinks with friends. Whether you're into fancy cocktails or traditional sake, Momo Mee won't disappoint.

Reserve your seats for Momo Mee Asian Cuisine via TableAgent.