What Do You Use A Danish Dough Whisk For?

If you've ever seen the curious-looking Danish dough whisk in a foodie friend's kitchen or at a culinary store, you may have wondered what purpose it could possibly serve. In American homes, the balloon whisk tends to be the go-to tool for dough and other batters, but if you're an avid baker, you may want to consider the European utensil the next time you get a baking itch. Also known as a "brodpisker," the Danish dough whisk is one of those rare, essential kitchen tools that can expertly navigate gloopy, sticky, and heavy batters and doughs, says Utensil.org.

The Danish design may not immediately scream "whisk," because many of us are used to a balloon whisk made up of a convex chamber of thin, flexible wires. However, the brodpisker has thick, stiff metal wiring in a flat shape with just three loops, which can stand up against stickier textures. Best of all? Unlike balloon whisks, Danish whisks have no internal pocket for batter and dough to become stuck, which means no more awkward removal process with your rubber spatula. 

It's not just for dough

As you may have guessed from the name, the Danish dough whisk is great when it comes to, well, dough — especially heavy, sticky mixtures like sourdough starters, says King Arthur Baking Company. If you've ever stirred an especially sticky dough and had a wire spring out of your balloon whisk, you won't be surprised that this sturdier metal is better for the job. Plus, its "unique flow-through design gently blends" batters until they're smooth, rather than over-beaten and tough.

But as America's Test Kitchen notes, this handy Scandi tool can be used for far more than just dough. You can also use it to evenly distribute nuts, chocolate chips, and raisins in suspended dough. And it doesn't stop at baked goods, either; stews, polenta, porridge, and anything you're trying to get fully integrated could use a helping hand from the Danish dough whisk. It can even whip cream and egg whites! So, consider adding this flat-profile whisk to your utensil jar for easier mixing and whipping during your next baking adventure.