Chipotle Just Announced Big Plans To Fight Food Insecurity This Winter

In 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed that almost 10.2% of households across America experienced food insecurity at some point during the span of 12 months. A year later, Fox News reported that food banks in the  U.S. food are struggling to keep up with an influx of people unable to afford the increased cost of food due to inflation. But now, as the 2022 holiday season approaches, beloved burrito maker Chipotle announced it hopes to ease the nation's hunger.

In a press release issued by the fast-casual chain on December 14, 2022, Chipotle announced a new initiative to battle food insecurity with The Farmlink Project, a non-profit that aims to reduce unnecessary food waste and feed America, and with TikTok influencer and "MasterChef" star Nick DiGiovanni, who will serve as the project's ambassador. Their plan? Bringing out the big guns to ensure Americans can worry less about food and more about enjoying the holiday season. Per its press statement, the brand reports it hopes to donate 20 million pounds of produce before January 31, 2023. Interested in helping out? Here's how you can help fight the war on hunger (while enjoying Chipotle's signature chips) this winter.

You can order a Chipotle burrito and feed America at the same time

According to Chipotle's press release, there are two ways you can help the brand known for its fresh ingredients deliver produce to those in need. The first method uses the same fundraising tactic Chipotle has employed to support causes like the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund. To participate, Chipotle customers simply have to choose the "Round Up for Real Change" option the next time they order a burrito bowl — as you might've guessed, opting in helps fight hunger by rounding up the cost of that meal by a dollar on the brand's app or website. The second option? If you're a loyal Chipotle rewards member, you can also exchange 485 points for a dollar towards The Farmlink Project. And whether you up your order's cost or cash in on your rewards points, your dollar donation will go a long way. Chipotle reports that for every dollar donated The Farmlink Project will be able to give away 30 pounds of produce.

Of course, although helping those in need is a reward within itself, Chipotle is giving burrito lovers an incentive to help the brand reach its donation goal. If the chain is able to give away 20 million pounds of food by the January 31, 2023 cut-off date, famed TikToker and "MasterChef" celeb Nick DiGiovanni, the initiative's ambassador, will unveil the secret formula behind the Honey Vinaigrette Chipotle fans douse on their salads.