Which Chain Has The Best Chicken Noodle Soup? Here's What Fast Food Fans Say - Exclusive Survey

In an ideal world, none of us would get sick this winter. In reality, many of us will cough and sniffle our way through a head cold, at the very least. If and when the time comes to call out from work and crawl back to bed, there are few home remedies as restorative or enticing as a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup.  

From the kind with matzo balls found in Jewish American kitchens to Vietnamese-style phở with fragrant herbs and rice noodles, nearly every food culture has its own take on the comforting dish. If you're lucky, you share a home with someone who's willing to whip up a pot of the stuff and bring it to your bedside. For the rest of us, it's easier to order in. If you're craving a bowl of salty, schmaltzy, silky goodness right now and don't know where to turn, look no further. Our readers have weighed in on which chains make the best cup of chicken noodle to go. 

40% of readers agree

In an exclusive Daily Meal survey composed of 622 respondents, just 17.36% of readers said Noodles & Company makes the best chicken noodle soup, despite having "noodles" in its name. The least favorite chicken noodle soup was from Culver's — a chain known for its burgers, frozen custard, and Wisconsin cheese curds. It came in last place with only 3.22% of people saying that was their pick. 

Chicken sandwich giant Chick-fil-A brought in 19.61% of votes. We'll be honest, we didn't even know it made soup. According to its website, it makes a version with shredded chicken breast, carrots and celery, and egg noodles in a "hearty broth" alongside Saltine crackers. Boston Market came in second place with 19.45% of reader votes. The chain's rotisserie-style soup leans on "rich broth" and "dumpling-style noodles" surrounded by shreds of rotisserie chicken and chopped vegetables.

But the finest purveyor of chicken noodle soup in the fast-casual circuit, according to 40% of readers, was Panera Bread. Its spin on the classic comfort food is billed as "homestyle" on its menu, the soup is made with "tender pieces of white-meat chicken simmered in a rich, perfectly seasoned homestyle chicken bone broth with curly egg noodles, sliced carrots, celery and herbs." 

In a roundup of Panera soups (there are many), Insider lauded the chain's chicken noodle as "expertly salted," adding that the carrots and green onions "amped up the flavor," and that each ingredient gets equal attention. You won't find a sad smattering of meat swimming in a lonely sea of broth here.