Instant Pot Accessories You'll Actually Use

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The Instant Pot certainly isn't your grandparents' pressure cooker. According to the Instant Pot About page, this machine was designed to be a "pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and warmer" all in one. This handy kitchen appliance can be purchased for as little as $80, and is able to prepare a variety of different foods.

From warm, homemade stew to freshly steamed veggies, the Instant Pot can help the average home cook craft delicious, stress-free meals and sides. Just think of this appliance as your kitchen assistant –– it's always at the ready (and it won't whine about the job). We've compiled nine different accessories to further enhance (as if the Instant Pot could get better) your culinary experience.

And as the great Jay Z once said, "numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard." The Instant Pot has rave reviews on every major retailer's site with average scores of 4.8, 4.7, and 4.9. Checkmate, Instant Pot haters.

Instant Pot QuickCool Tray for Evo Series, One Size

Much like a traditional pressure cooker, the Instant Pot has to release the used, trapped air after you're done cooking. Generally, the user would unhook the pressure valve and let the air out in a quick, 30-second burst. However, some Instant Pot users complain that letting the air out all at once leads to a more tough and chewy texture of the cooked food inside.

Created to solve this issue, the Instant Pot QuickCool Tray for the Evo Series was born. This tool is around $15 as of December 2022 and is available for purchase on both Amazon and the Instant Pot website.

To use, simply fill the plastic spout with water and stick the accessory in the freezer. When you're ready to use it, just add the QuickCool to the top of your Instant Pot to help the machine naturally depressurize. This tool can also be used in tandem with a few ice cubes (if you forgot to fill it up and freeze it overnight). Reviewers rave about this inexpensive accessory and say it also saves time on clean up, thanks to reduced splatter from a more gradual depressurization.

Get the Instant Pot QuickCool Tray for Evo Series on Amazon starting at $14.95.

Silicone Lid Fits Instant Pot

If you're anything like the general population, cooking a nice meal is one thing, but having to properly store leftovers after the fact is another. Come on, who wants to dirty more containers than you have to? This is where the Silicone Lid from InstaExtras comes in. Available in both six- and eight-quart sizes, this lid fits seamlessly on top of the pot inside your machine.

You won't have to spend time putting things into plastic containers or worse, leaving the food out to spoil. Adding this air-tight lid to your pot is an easy solution to this annoying issue. Plus, this particular lid is dishwasher safe, so once you're done with it, you won't even have to hand wash anything.

This accessory is also usable for both hot and cold foods, so you won't need to be stressed about your piping-hot soup or ice-cold treat ruining this silicone lid.

Get the Silicone Lid for Instant Pot on Amazon starting at $13.99.

Silicone Sealing Ring for 6 Qt, Replacement Seal Gasket for Instant Pot

Grab this four-pack of Sealing Rings, specifically designed with your Instant Pot in mind. They'll help reinforce the seal between your Instant Pot's lid and base with ease. Nothing is more annoying than when your Instant Pot's seal is faulty –– who wants to do more cleanup than usual after dinner thanks to a loose lid?

Plus, as one reviewer pointed out, "This is a perfect solution for the odors that stick to the ring. I have one for each category of odors, and I just throw them in the dishwasher, [which allows] for better odor removal."

As of December 2022, you'll get a pack of sealing rings for under $15 that come in four different colors –– orange, white, black, and teal. The various colors are meant to help you avoid mixing scents of food when using your Instant Pot for multiple things.

Get the Silicone Sealing Rings for Instant Pot on Amazon starting at $12.99 for the 3-quart size.

Instant Pot Silicone Mini Mitts

Oven mitts have gotten a pint-sized makeover with these Silicone Mini Mitts. These red mitts are easy to take on and off and are dishwasher safe, thanks to their silicone construction. Plus, at under $8 as of December 2022, these are an inexpensive accessory for your Instant Pot.

Just take it from rave-reviewer Linda. "I use this for taking out hot pans and the inner liner," she explained. "I didn't think I would really use them much and wasn't sure if they would really work but I have used them more than I thought. They are easier to use than oven mitts or potholders."

We think these silicone oven mitts look vaguely like Donald Duck lips, but we digress. They're easy to slip on, simple to clean, and prevent you from burning any important extremities. Isn't that all you could want in a pair of oven mitts anyway?

Get the Instant Pot Silicone Mini Mitts on the Instant Pot website starting at $6.95.

Instant Pot 5 & 6-quart Condensation Collector

Make clean-up time a breeze with this Condensation Collector from Instant Pot. You won't have to worry about extra liquid spilling everywhere when you're cooking with one of these. We hate when we're using our Instant Pot and condensation builds up around the outside. This usually results in a bigger mess and more work for us. With this inexpensive Instant Pot accessory, you can easily pour out any additional liquid in a flash.

"Fits perfectly on my Instant Pot Duo 8 quart," reviewer Jennifer explains on Amazon. "The two pack is a good value compared with others on the market, and it's good to have a spare since I managed to lose the original one that came with my Instant Pot."

The condensation collector can be attached using the grooves located in the back of the pot. Installing the accessory is as easy as snapping your fingers –– simply find the grooves with your hands and put the top of the cup into place.

Get the Instant Pot Condensation Collector on the Instant Pot website starting at $9.99.

Instant Pot Wire Egg Racks

Love hard-boiled eggs? The Instant Pot Wire Egg Rack makes cooking seven eggs at once an actual possibility. (Plus, it's a corrosion-resistant accessory.) Rather than waiting at the stove for hard-boiled eggs to cook, you can simply add the eggs into your Instant Pot using these racks. You'll be able to go about your day without fretting about burning something at the stove.

Plus, you'll get two racks with your purchase –– no more worrying about only having a single set! Some reviewers mentioned that they used these racks to cook egg cups, soft-boiled eggs, and mini-cheesecakes. No matter what you decide to use these for, you can always use both of the racks inside of the Instant Pot at once. And when you're done? Simply slip these racks into the dishwasher for an easy clean.

Get the Instant Pot Wire Egg Racks on the Instant Pot website starting at $20.

Instant Pot Yogurt Cups

These Yogurt Cups from Instant Pot can help you make on-the-go, homemade snacks that your family will love. With this accessory, you can make up to five yogurts at once with little effort. Reviewers also mentioned that they used this apparatus to clean baby bottles when they needed to be sterilized (dual-purpose accessory, anyone?).

Plus, these yogurt cups can be put in both the dishwasher and the freezer, so you don't need to fret about them cracking under heat or extreme cold. We're also partial to the lids on these yogurt cups, which are resealable and virtually air-tight.

Even better? The Instant Pot Yogurt Maker has a one-year warranty and only costs $11.95. The cost you pay isn't very expensive when coupled with the guarantee from the brand. However, we do recommend you keep the initial receipt in the instance that you need to make a complaint or return this––you'll need the information when cashing in on the warranty.

Get the Instant Pot Yogurt Cups on Amazon starting at $11.95.

Instant Pot 6 & 8-quart Silicone Springform Round Cake Pan

You mean we can make cake in an Instant Pot? This Silicone Springform Round Cake Pan is an ideal Instant Pot accessory for baking enthusiasts and cooking fiends alike. The silicone is non-stick, which makes it both easy to clean and easy to remove baked goods from its clutches.

Plus, at under $15 as of December 2022, you won't have to spend a bajillion dollars to make a tasty (and easy) treat for friends and family (or yourself). And Amazon reviewer L. Kiddy said, "I had to be careful when I put the pan into the pot and removed it from the pot, but the true magic was when I went to get the cake out of the pan.

"I just peeled the sides right off the cheesecake and it left a beautiful finish," Kiddy explained. "Even though the glass bottom was made to act as a serving plate, I went ahead and removed mine (which is why I used the wax paper) and it slid right off." We think Kiddy has the right idea, especially after making a cheesecake from scratch ourselves (why the heck is it so hard?).

Get the Instant Pot 6 & 8-quart Silicone Springform Round Cake Pan on Amazon starting at $14.95.

Instant Pot Official Silicone Steamer Basket

Steam broccoli, carrots, or even chicken with this handy (and life-changing, tbh) Silicone Steamer Basket. This is the ideal accessory for those with both 6- and 8-quart Instant Pots.

If you're someone who wants the nutritional benefits of steamed food without putting in major work, this Instant Pot Official Silicone Steamer Basket is the ideal purchase for you. Plus, this basket will only set you back around $10 as of December 2022, which makes it the optimal gift for the Instant Pot enthusiast in your life. This silicone basket is also able to tolerate a variety of temperatures, with a maximum limit of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the Instant Pot Official Silicone Steamer Basket can be used in hot temperatures in the machine and within a well-heated dishwasher. 

We particularly enjoy this basket due to the innovative interlocking handles located at the top of this accessory. This addition to this handy tool means you can safely and easily get your steamed prize-winnings out of the basket without much toil or strain. Sounds like the ideal situation to us.

Get the Instant Pot Official Silicone Steamer Basket on Amazon starting at $9.97.