How Long Can You Really Keep A Wendy's Frosty In The Freezer?

Whether it's because foodies are obsessed with the desserts' unbeatable thickness or they can't imagine dipping their fries in anything else, Wendy's Frosty is an old-fashioned treat that can easily contend with even McDonald's most inventive McFlurry flavors. After all, aside from being popular enough to have its own cereal, per Stop & Shop, the restaurant chain reports it sells nearly 300 million cups of its famous ice cream a year to eager customers.

However, if you're a Frosty fanatic who managed to snag one of the chain's seasonal Boo Books (which comes with coupons that will earn you not one, not two, but five freebie Jr. Frosty snacks, according to Wendy's), you may find yourself facing a problem. Perhaps, you may have discovered that you're unable to scarf down all the Frosty treats you brought home. Which may lead you to another pressing question: how long can a Frosty make it in your freezer? 

Wendy's Frosty can last for months in your freezer

In general, ice cream has a pretty impressive shelf life. As Allrecipes reports, your run-of-the-mill grocery store ice cream pint can last for almost two months in the freezer. And specialty treats from your favorite fast food chains can also keep satisfying your sweet tooth for weeks, including Wendy's Frosty.

According to TornaDough Alli, by ditching the fridge (the ice cream will turn to a puddle if you store it next to your milk) and putting your favorite Frosty in the freezer, you can enjoy the treat for three months. However, to ensure your Frosty retains all its flavor, TornaDough Alli does note you should put your open-cup ice cream in a sealed container. 

Redditors in Wendy's subreddit vouched for Frosty's ability to freeze well. One reports that after digging into a Frosty they left in the freezer for two months, they discovered that the treat tasted "like new." Another user even stated that they frequently buy two Frosty treats when they go to Wendy's with the intention of freezing one for later. But what exactly makes Wendy's Frosty so freezer-friendly?

Wendy's Frosty freezes well by design

According to Allrecipes, the Wendy's treat's ability to taste so good for so long comes down to some very important ingredients. As the outlet reports, although guar gum, cellulose gum, carrageenan, and calcium sulfate may be a mouthful to say, you have these four to thank for making the Frosty so freezable. Because these ingredients work in harmony to give your treat its iconic texture and make it hold up well in and out of the freezer.

By the way, Wendy's is well aware of the popular ice cream's ability to taste as good re-frozen as freshly made. In fact, Reader's Digest reports that the chain doesn't throw out the leftover Frosty mix in its machines when it closes. Instead, Wendy's actually refreezes the soon-to-be-eaten ice cream to serve again — so you definitely don't have to worry about the Frosty you put in your freezer's taste going south anytime soon.