Does McAlister's Really Have All Day Breakfast?

McAlister's Deli, also known as just "McAlister's," has more than 500 locations nationwide and is well-known for its extensive menu and quick service. The deli chain is considered a fast casual restaurant or a restaurant that does not offer full table service but has a menu that's higher in quality than what you might get at fast food chains. McAlister's was started by an unexpected person – Don Newcomb, DDS. Yes, a dentist created a restaurant that is popular for baked potatoes filled with various types of delicious toppings, soups, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and refreshing drinks. 

Especially popular is their sweet tea. In fact, it's so popular, the restaurant offers a Tea Pass, which (according to the company's website) costs $6.99 a month and allows the purchaser to get one free tea a day for 30 consecutive days. If you have ever eaten at a McAlister's, you know why people love it, but did you know that the deli also serves breakfast? 

McAlister's breakfast menu

It's true — McAlister's does serve breakfast. However, according to its catering menu, the breakfast menu is reserved for catering orders, only. As with most restaurants and fast food chains, the specifics of the eatery's hours and menu items will depend on its location. That being said, per the company's website, McAlister's locations start serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m., and they serve a full menu, including breakfast catering, until closing, which varies by location. So, yes, McAlister's does serve — or rather cater — breakfast all day long.

What items can you get for breakfast at McAlister's? According to the company's breakfast menu, you can get a yogurt bar, which includes Greek yogurt served with seasonal fruits and nuts for $4.99 per person, a fresh fruit tray in medium or large sizes ranging from $49.99- $69.99, a Breakfast Box made for each individual guest, filled with items like an egg and cheese croissant or a wrap with your choice of breakfast meat, a fresh fruit cup, and yogurt for $8.99-$10.99, and more.

McAlister's does it all for you

The best part of ordering breakfast from Mcalister's Deli? They handle it all. According to the company's website, you can order for pick up or delivery, and they can even do same-day orders, within reason and enough notice. All of their catered orders come with everything you need for the meal, including utensils, plates, napkins, sauces, and condiments. If you have your order delivered, they will even set it up for you, including reheating certain foods. Delivery fees will apply, and there are order minimum requirements. These will vary by location, so it's best to check with your local McAlister's before ordering. 

If you want to cater something other than breakfast, you're in luck! McAlister's, which has been named one of America's best sandwich shops, also does catering orders for their soups, sandwiches, salads, and even potatoes. You can order their famous teas and other drinks, including coffee with "the works" to go along with breakfast.