The Costco Garlic That Could Be The Best Deal In The Store

If you've spent any time in Costco, you've probably marveled at the variety of items the warehouse chain has to offer. After all, where else can you purchase a mattress, some tires, 5 pounds of mild cheddar cheese, cookware, and socks all at the same time? While Costco has cornered the market on product variety, some items are priced better than others. By now, you probably already know that Costco's rotisserie chickens, which still cost $5, have a bit of a cult following, both for their unbelievable price and incredible taste. Kirkland maple syrup also has quite the fanbase — shoppers love it for its affordable cost and quality flavor, and Today picked it as one of Costco's best items in 2017. What are other items in Costco are considered true bargains, though? 

Apparently, the minced garlic, found in a giant 48-ounce jar, might actually be the best deal in the store. We've done the research and the math, and it does look like Costco is selling minced garlic at a fraction of the price of other retailers. Don't believe us? Ask a Costco employee.

Costco minced garlic could be the best deal in the store

There are some foods you should always buy at Costco, but not everything sold at the store is a good deal. Over the years, some customers have complained that many in-store deals are not as good as sale prices they can find at other non-membership stores. Still, Costco has cornered the market on the lowest price on a few items, and it seems that Kirkland brand minced garlic is one of those items.

A Reddit user revealed that a Costco employee told her that the minced garlic the store sells is "the best deal" in the entire store. While that may be a bit subjective, the price is indeed pretty low. Kirkland brand minced garlic comes in a 48-ounce jar and costs just $5.99 in most Costco locations (prices vary depending on location). That's substantially cheaper per ounce than most minced garlic offerings. According to The Pricer, shoppers can expect to pay between $7-11 for a 16-ounce jar of minced garlic, making the average price per ounce between 43 and 68 cents. Costco's minced garlic is priced at an unbelievable 12 cents per ounce. Sure, 48 ounces is a lot of garlic, but you can freeze it in cubes to ensure you use it before it goes bad. As Eater points out, jarred, minced garlic gets a bit of a bad rap, but it can be incredibly useful in some cooking preparations, so consider this a good deal — especially if you plan on using a lot of garlic this holiday season.