Where In The US Can You Find The Cheapest Fast Food Combos?

Food television pioneers, such as Anthony Bourdain, would travel in search of a cheap yet tasty bite, showing that even inexpensive food items can still make for a delicious meal. This can be directly seen in his viral picture posted on Twitter of him eating with former President Barack Obama in Hanoi, Vietnam.

It has been a great evolution since the elitist foodie culture began, which enforced the idea that food enthusiasts had to sample some of the most glitzy and expensive cuisines in order to affirm their passion for sharing food experiences. The fresh perspective has given even fast food, which is commonly associated with the stigma of being cheap and low-quality, a spot on many food celebrities' platforms, including Daym Drops. But besides providing a sense of comfort, these meals aren't too heavy on the wallet, making them extremely attractive to students and as a source of late-night food. So that poses the question — where exactly can you find the cheapest fast food in the United States?

Head on over to Oklahoma

Well, the answer really hinges on what your usual order is from your favorite fast food chain. After all, there are a handful of fast-food restaurants, which makes identifying a concrete winner even more difficult. But for a typical order of burger, fries, and soda, Tulsa, Oklahoma, has the lowest rate, explains Money Geek.

The combination costs an average of $6.55 across the city. This price tag is still highly reduced compared to that of Atlanta, which also made the top ten least expensive cities for fast food (via Food & Wine). In Georgia's capital, a bundle of a burger, fries, and soda rounds to about $9.36. However, in New York City, the price of a burger alone is $9.52, according to Eater. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to head to Oklahoma, which borders Kansas and houses Wichita, the city with the second lowest price for this combination, for a low-costing bite, notes Food & Wine.