The Foods Bobby Flay Would Take To A Deserted Island

Forget zodiac signs — one can tell a lot about a person by what food they choose to bring on a desert island. Being marooned on a deserted island sounds like no fun, but if you had the choice to take whatever food you like, you ought to decide with enormous consideration because it can save your life. Furthermore, let's be honest — food makes everything better.

While we hope the "Survivor" scenario remains hypothetical, it's a fun ice-breaker and a great way to get to know someone. Insider quizzed some dietitians and concluded that chocolate and avocados were the top choices due to their nutritional value. Chef Ina Garten told Food Network that she would make roasted chicken and vegetables for her husband, Jeffrey Garten, if they were stranded on an island. The outlet also quizzed celebrity chef Bobby Flay about what he would take to a desert island, and his preferred items would make for a nice beach party.

Bobby Flay would be party-ready on a desert island

If there's one food item that Bobby Flay couldn't live without, it's pistachio ice cream (via Food Network), but he would take pistachio gelato to a deserted island. The sweet treat has a more intense flavor than ice cream, but it melts faster. He would also take some lobsters and chipotle chiles, two key ingredients he uses to make his summer lobster salad. Add a couple of corn husks and a case of rosé to his survival food list, and Flay would have a good time.

Provided that the desert island has a fridge, Flay's choice is pretty impressive. Per Mashed, lobster is rich in vitamins like zinc, selenium, vitamin B12, vitamins A and E, copper, iron, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acid, which makes it a wise food choice. Corn is packed with fiber and vitamin C that provide energy to keep you going, per WebMD.