How GBBO's Prue Leith Spices Up Her Avocado Toast, Literally

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We all know Prue Leith as the colorfully dressed, gentle-mannered judge on "The Great British Bake Off," but what you may not know is that Leith is also a writer of many talents. She has penned several books, including novels such as "The Food of Love" trilogy, an autobiography, "I'll Try Anything Once," and cookbooks such as "Prue: My Favourite Recipes from a Lifetime of Cooking and Eating" (via Amazon).

Leith's latest book is entitled "Bliss on Toast," and according to Amazon, the book is the ultimate guide to toast, directing cooks toward which breads to use and which toppings, such as vegetables or fish, to choose. Recipes included range from grilled chicken tikka with yogurt served on naan to bananas and ice cream with brandy syrup served on panettone to spicy avocado toast.

The book has great reviews, with LA Weekly writing, "'Bliss on Toast' blows the lid off tartines ... the recipes [are] fun and simple for the home cook, while still maintaining the desired wow factor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." On Instagram, one user, @mattythehibee, commented on Leith's post featuring a picture of the book, writing, "Love it! Brilliant subject for a book, often overlooked but delicious."

Prue Leith takes the avocado toast trend to new heights

One of the most popular toasts these days, at least on this side of the pond, is avocado toast. Of course, Prue Leith had to feature her own version of avocado toast in her "Bliss on Toast" cookbook. Even The Washington Post pondered what makes avocado toast such a trend, stating, "Avocado toast has come to define what makes food trends this decade: It's healthy and yet ever-so-indulgent," continuing on to note that over 2 million Instagram posts are marked with #avocadotoast. 

Leith shared her recipe for avocado toast with USA Today, and let's just say it takes the spice up a notch. Leith's recipe calls for granary bread (untoasted, but toast it for a classic avocado toast texture) to be topped with curd or cream cheese, avocado, smoked salmon or gravlax, a bit of lime zest and sesame seeds, a few pea sprouts, and a whole teaspoon of wasabi paste, the latter of which is mixed in with the cheese before spread on the bread. "It is bliss. The texture is so decadently soft," Leith said of the dish.