The Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich Hack That Will Revamp Your Mornings

If you're looking for a delicious and no-fuss weekend breakfast, you probably head to Starbucks. While the brand is well known for providing its customers with a morning coffee fix, Starbucks also offers a menu dedicated to breakfast. And luckily, for those of us who don't want to snack on a lemon loaf before 10 am, the coffee shop has no shortage of breakfast sandwiches. However, as delicious as biscuits piled high with sausage and cheddar or bacon and gouda may be, you may find that you're tired of always ordering the same old Starbucks breakfast. And if that's the case, we're here to tell you that there is a way to re-energize your Saturday breakfast sandwich order — but you'll have to hack Starbucks' menu first.

And, to be clear, we're not talking about the Barista-revealed hack that explains how you can customize your breakfast sandwich by taking out the cheese or toasting the bread (per Indy100). No, this Starbucks secret is about being innovative with the brand's most delicious-tasting menu items. Cosmopolitan reports that there is a way you can dig into the bacon croissant bite, a secret breakfast sandwich that will make for an instant flavor wakeup.

Meet the ingredients

When you think breakfast, odds are bacon, eggs, and a bagel or pancakes are the usual suspects that come to mind. However, Cosmopolitan reports that one Redditor revealed that the Starbucks bacon croissant bite takes these morning staples to the next level. So, what exactly makes this secret breakfast so special?

According to the Reddit thread, you'll be ditching the biscuit and using a butter-slathered Starbucks croissant as your new favorite breakfast bread. And you'll be piling your make-shift croissant sandwich high with none other than Starbucks' bacon and Gruyère egg bites. Don't be intimidated by its fancy name, these eggs are nothing more than fluffy delights filled with smoked bacon and Gruyère Monterey jack cheese — which gives your off-the-menu breakfast its out-of-this-world flavor. And to properly combine these delicious ingredients into a bacon croissant bite, the OP says that you need to be very particular about how you prepare this upgraded breakfast sandwich. 

Luckily, Cosmo caught wind of this Starbucks hack early, as the OP seems to have deleted their profile. You can still find other Starbucks suggestions in the comments of the thread.

How to order your next-level breakfast sandwich

Although the original Reddit post is dated, chances are you can still get your hands on the Starbucks bacon croissant bite as the ingredients are all still on the menu.

You can ask your Starbucks barista to cook the bacon and Gruyère egg bites as usual (per Cosmopolitan), but only for 10 seconds. Then, after slicing the croissant open like a sandwich, the egg bites should be placed into it. Once the ingredients are combined, you should then ask that the sandwich is heated on Starbucks' croissant setting for ultimate crispiness.

However, Cosmopolitan also notes that if your barista is too busy to make this hack, you can also order the croissant and egg bites, ask them to be warmed, and assemble the sandwich yourself for an equally great-tasting morning meal. Then, you can dig into your newly revitalized breakfast. And, if you're looking for more game-changing Starbucks tips, we suggest that after reclaiming breakfast you turn to a trick that will help you cut down on the cost of your latte.