Smoothie King's Holiday Secret Menu Includes Apple Pie And Snickerdoodle Flavors

The holidays are upon us and that means it's time to order your favorite seasonal foods and beverages. It's pretty difficult to walk into a local shop or national chain nowadays without encountering a slew of seasonal or holiday offerings. Chick-fil-A's holiday menu includes chicken tortilla soup and a peppermint milkshake, while Dunkin' Donuts' holiday menu has everything from festive flavored coffee drinks to seasonal muffins and donuts.

For those who want to maintain a healthier diet during the holiday season, smoothies are a great way to indulge. Smoothie King is a smoothie chain serving up nutritional blends that are aimed to help individuals meet their specific health needs. In addition to providing the health benefits that come from fresh fruits and vegetables, the chain has a large selection of nutritional enhancers like protein, muscle builders, and energy boosters (per Smoothie King). The chain offers its regular smoothies year-round but adds some new flavors with the change of seasons. Smoothie King celebrated fall with the addition of its pumpkin offerings. Now that winter is rolling around, Smoothie King has released its line of holiday-flavored smoothies.

The secret menu can only be found on the app

According to Chew Boom, on November 15 Smoothie King announced the release of its two new holiday smoothies: apple pie and snickerdoodle. The names alone sound like a dessert lover's dream, but in true Smoothie King fashion, these smoothies are packed with protein. We were ableĀ to try Smoothie King's new holiday smoothies and get the inside scoop about these limited-edition items, which turned out to be satisfying and not overly sweet. Both options contain bananas, almond milk, and vegan protein powder. The apple pie also contains apple juice and cinnamon, while the snickerdoodle has dates and almonds.

The two holiday smoothies are only available for purchase on the Smoothie King app or on the Smoothie King website. Both smoothies can be customized with add-ins, including the nutritional enhancers that the chain is known for. Each smoothie can be ordered in 20, 32, or whopping 40-oz sizes, with prices ranging from $5.78-$9.67. Like all good holiday promotions, this one won't last forever, and we expect it'll be gone before the end of the year.