Godiva Is Ringing In The Festive Season With Its 2022 Holiday Collection

While Santa Claus is still making his list and checking it twice, Godiva just announced that it's adding a cherry to the top of your Christmas Day snacking's fruitcake. That's right, the well-known chocolate brand revealed in a press release on November 15 that its collection of seasonal treats has officially made it on the scene for the 2022 holiday season. And as every good chocolate lover knows that although Godiva produces high-quality sweets year round, its expert pastry chefs take their chocolates' presentation to the next level in the name of the Christmas spirit, according to Insider. In fact, last year two different members of Godiva's 2021 collection ended up on Self's best-chocolate-to-gift list. 

Now, it looks like 2022's line of holiday sweets is stacking up to be filled with just as many gift-giving musts. Because while Godiva is bringing back some of its Christmas classics, like its iconic foil Santas, it also has new chocolates for you to savor on December 25. Here are the highlights of a holiday treat collection that will make you forget about baking up your own chocolate dessert for Christmas.

Godiva's holiday collection is chock full of chocolate cheer

According to the brand's press release, three of Godiva's new treats will only be available for gift-giving on the chocolatier's website and at department stores. These exclusive chocolates include the limited edition holiday gold collection, a golden box that can come with up to 36 pieces of beloved flavors like midnight swirl and white chocolate, the holiday g-cube truffle tin, which is festively packaged and features 50 chocolate truffles, and the holiday luxury chocolate truffles advent calendar, which is filled with milk, dark, and white chocolate truffle flavors.

However, you won't have to take a trip to Macy's to give the gift of eating chocolate every day. Godiva reported it's also offering seasonal sweets at retailers like Walmart. These easy-to-eat and easy-too-wrap sets include the returning Godiva holiday goldmark assorted gift box, which offers anywhere from 9 to 39 chocolates and features special flavors like hazelnut heaven and raspberry velvet, and the all-new milk chocolate caramel penguin pouch, which has 17 caramel candies and is reportedly perfectly stocking sized. 

And if you want to treat yourself this holiday season, Godiva's 2022 line of Christmas sweets will see the comeback of the holiday masterpieces collection. Like the brand's permanent masterpieces line per its website, the holiday masterpieces collection includes individually packaged chocolates, however, its wrapping has been dressed up for the season. So, thanks to Godiva, you'll be able to fuel everyone's chocolate cravings this Christmas.