11 Wildest Frat Parties

Go Greek and you may get to attend one of these crazy parties

You can’t deny that these parties sound pretty fun!

College is a time to study and learn but it’s also a place where many students cut loose and have a good time.

While kicking back and relaxing with a beer is fun, many fraternities take the festivities a few steps further. Think kegs, lots of music, and party themes that are often hard to believe.

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Frat party themes used to be simple, like toga parties a la Animal House, but these days, frats are upping the party ante — and spending a lot of cash too, ensuring a memorable get-together and a definite good time.

Music is a major component of a great party, so much so that many frat bashes are more like concerts than low-key gatherings. Of course,beer is one of the main ingredients of a good time at a frat party and these wild events don’t disappoint. From kegs to cases, you won’t get thirsty!

Don’t forget your sunscreen, because many of these parties are tropical themed and held outdoors. That means Tiki torches, sand and beach balls. Prepare to get wet too. Many frat parties have water slides, pools and ice bars for on-going entertainment.

Thanks to social media, it’s now easier than ever to get sneak peeks into these raging parties. You’ll get pre-party buzz on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as lots of videos of previous parties and set-ups for events to come. Check out live event play-by-play with party photos and video posts on social media. The newest thing? Frats are hiring professional video companies to fly drones over the events to capture every party detail from above.

From balmy backdrops to foamy festivities to paint parties, today’s frat parties are high-stakes, crowded events where booze is flowing and music is loud. Let’s hope the cops don’t show up!

Bahamas Party

Kappa Sigma at Washington and Lee University’s annual Bahamas Party is a playground of fun. Think pools, waterslides and hundreds of people. Grab a drink (there was $3,000 worth of beer at the last party) and get ready for a Bahamas-inspired adventure.

Beer, Beer, and More Beer

Members of Boston University’s fraternity Zeta Beta Tau, aka Z.B.T., got in trouble for a series of wild parties where they and hundreds of partygoers engaged in less than favorable behavior. Frat members were arrested and jailed after one crazy party, where police officers found over 1,000 beer cans and marijuana. A Boston Police officer said these parties were “in the top 10 percent” of wild parties they’d seen.


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