11 Ways To Clean Your Kitchen

The newness of the year is wearing off and all those unresolved resolutions of creating a cleaner, more organized kitchen seem like a plan best deferred to next January, right? Don't put it off. With a little creativity, patience, and an honest inventory of what you really need to keep, you can have a kitchen space that you can take pride in. And it only takes a few pantry staples like white vinegar, lemon, baking soda, liquid dish soap, and some towels and sponges to get you on your way. Limited space, resources, and budget need not preclude you from having a clean, organized, and more user-friendly kitchen.

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Now understand, clean doesn't mean only having your countertops gleaming, though that, too, is an important part. What we suggest is that you clean your kitchen from the inside out. When it comes to the kitchen, organization, cleanliness, and maintenance go a long way.  Where you store items is as important as how you store them.

And one rule of thumb before we start: no matter what part of the kitchen you're cleaning, you always want to make sure the exterior and interior of kitchen surfaces are kept dry.  This way, they won't become breeding grounds for molds and bacteria. Follow these tips and you will be off to a cleaner and more organized kitchen — and self.