11 Ultra Gourmet Hotel Mini-Bars Slideshow

XV Beacon: Boston

XV Beacon knows that coming to Boston means hunting down the best of New England's flavors, so their minibar is filled with local goodies like Cape Cod chips, Boston baked beans, and regional candies. They've also got 11 wines, including a Château Latour Bordeaux and a Patz & Hall Pinot Noir from Sonoma, Calif.

James Hotel: Chicago

Amateur bartenders should make their way to the James Hotel's minibar, which is stocked with 13 different types of liquors, mixers, and a kit complete with glasses, spoons, a pair of tongs, and a corkscrew. Their treats are nothing to balk at, either.

Hotel Helix: Washington, D.C.

How better to while away the time between sightseeing and dinner than with a brightly colored sugar-fest? Washington D.C.'s Hotel Helix offers a Pez dispenser, packs of Pop Rocks, and a set of wax lips for sweet tooths with a sense of humor. Other offerings in their mod minibar are usual suspects like mini liquor bottles, Kettle Chips, salted nuts, and a tin of Altoids.

Las Alcobas: Mexico City, Mexico

Not only has the boutique Las Alcobas hotel cornered the market on snapping up local treats for guests, they've got the affordable game down, too — their minibar is completely free! Snacks like coconut bonbons, amaranth with chocolate, dried pineapples dipped in chocolate, crispy peas, peanuts with marzipan, and classic Mexican soda flavors like tamarind and mandarin are all yours.

Peabody Hotel: Orlando, Fla.

Guests at the Peabody Hotel have the opportunity to be minibar control freaks with their "Feed the Fridge" program. Guests can choose in advance what they'd like their in-room fridge to be filled with from a menu of "bundles," like the Wine Down and Relax (half-bottle of wine with brie cheese, Carr crackers, and hummus with pretzels) or the Night at the Movies (Coke, Sprite, popcorn, Hershey's bars, M&Ms, and potato chips).

Hyatt 48 Lex: New York City

Local New York tastes go way beyond pretzels and hot dogs, so Hyatt 48 Lex's minibar, an homage to local New York goodies, does too. Guests can indulge in Brooklyn Beer, Zinc water, Fat Witch brownies, Jacques Torres chocolates, Dean & Deluca almonds, and 10 mini bottles of wine.

Enchantment Resort: Sedona, Ariz.

With a long-loved spa and a backdrop of stunning Arizona red rocks, Enchantment Resort doesn't need to encourage any guests to stay longer. But their minibar is well-stocked with locally sourced treats, like two full bottles of Arizona wines, chocolate-covered grapes, and Grand Canyon Pilsner beer.

Chatwal Hotel: New York City

The Chatwal's generous minibar is all about nostalgia and cocktails, with a cocktail shaker (complete with liquors and a set of custom playing cards for gamblers), classic Debauve & Gallais chocolates, vintage-inspired candy cigarettes, and mason jars filled with hard candies. Copies of The Great Gatsby and author-signed editions of American Eve in each room make for stellar in-bed reading.

Trump International Hotel: Chicago

Trump Hotels don't do anything half-way, so it should shock no one to learn that the Trump International Hotel in Chicago features a "water library," with a Swarovski-encrusted bottle (Bling H20), Welsh Tau, Australian Tasmanian Rain, and a bottle that'll run you $25.

InterContinental Porto-Palacio das Cardosas: Porto, Portugal

Recently opened in 2011, the InterContinental Porto-Palacio das Cardosas has a minibar to rival the best, showcasing hand-picked local treats and wines. Guests can choose from sugar, olive oil, cinnamon, and lemon biscuits; chocolates; fried nuts and fruits; and mini bottles of local port wine.

The Surrey: New York City

It may be hard to stay in your room at the stunning Surrey hotel, sitting on a quiet block on the Upper East Side, what with the Boulud-run dining program just downstairs. But they filled their minibars with all things organic and local to New York, like North Fork potato chips, Mast Brothers chocolates, natural sodas, and Fruitsential juices.