11 SkyMall Food Gadgets You Don't Need Slideshow

Tugo Drink Holder, $29.99 (set of 3)

It may be "an extra hand for your drink," but we don't see a spill-proof guarantee. 

Pickle/Salad/Cupcake Floss, $14.95

Because who can resist that fresh gherkin aroma

Knuckle Meat Pounder, $12.95

Now that you mention it, we've been wondering what we could do with those brass knuckles...

Pongo Bongo Beer Pong Table, $64.99

Speaks for itself: "Beverage pong is a very popular game these days... kids love carnival games and will play Pongo Bongo for hours."

Brandy Warmer Four-Piece Gift Set, $29.95

Obviously an essential accessory for every brandy drinker. 

USB Cup Warmer with Four-Port Hub, $11.99

"You'll be able to keep your drink warm and a safe distance away from your valuable computer with the USB Powered Beverage Warmer's 56 inch long USB cable." A 56-inch long cable?! That's a relief since we really try to keep liquids away from electronics... wait... 

Princess Leia Bikini Apron, priceless

But really, what else would you wear in the kitchen? 

Nano-UV Wand, $159.99

Continuing with the Star Wars theme...

Napkin Clip, $800

Yeah, this photo was actually taken at her local dentist's office. The clip is also "ideal for dining out."

Lobster Gram Dinner for Four, $161.95

Because SkyMall mail-order lobster is obviously "the perfect gift for the lobster purist."

Bib Buddy Travel Bib, $19.99

"No more chasing after thrown bottles and having to wash them all over again!" — never mind their airway...