11 SkyMall Food Gadgets You Don’t Need

Staff Writer
The infamous in-flight publication has most of your food needs (that you never really had and probably never will) covered

Is there a better way to kill time during a flight than flipping through this in-flight magazine?

With phones, computers, mp3 players, tablets, e-readers, and (insert whatever electronic device) turned off before takeoff, many of us are left to actually observe our immediate airplane surroundings. If you don’t have a book, haven’t hit it off with your neighbor, prefer not to stare blankly at the tarmac through the window, or can’t doze off, you may have discovered a gem of modern consumerism in the pouch at your knees.

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Usually with nothing better to do, many airline travelers flip through the pages of SkyMall. Infamous for selling (mostly) useless products at exorbitant prices and in a way that convinces viewers that they really need that mini light saber that "safely kills 99% of targeted bacteria," the in-flight publication can be as addictive to scan as the products are ridiculous to buy.

Some of the most entertaining products found in SkyMall just happen to food-related. From adjustable waistband stretchers to a USB warmer with a four-port hub, this outlet has all of your food needs (that you never really had and probably never will) covered. Check out our slideshow for some of our favorites.

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But really, how did you ever get by without a Princess Leia Bikini Apron?