11 Sexy Slider Recipes

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Mexican Sliders

Sliders — they're the perfect party food and as popular as ever. And it's no wonder: Sliders allow indecisive and non-committal nibblers to mix and match flavors without indulging too much. After all, sometimes a full-sized burger is just too much when you just want to have a bite of this and a bite of that. Did you pick up a slider that doesn't quite tickle your fancy? No problem. Just pick up something else; because you don't end up throwing out a whole burger, you won't have to feel guilty.

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While there are several versions of the story behind the origin of the slider, much like there are for other famous foods like the banana split, mac and cheese, and even mayonnaise, one popular version has it that two friends, Walt Anderson, a cook, and Billy Ingram, an insurance broker, got together to create a hamburger and dubbed it a "Slyder," which later simply became the White Castle slider we know and love today. Regardless of how you may feel about their sliders — love them or hate them — without their inspiration we might not have the seed for the creations we enjoy today.


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