11 Reasons to Go to San Francisco's AT&T Park Before the End of Baseball Season

Hint: it’s not for the baseball

The food at AT&T Park is among the best in all of baseball.

We’re about to enter the final weeks of regular-season baseball, and unfortunately for the defending World Series champions, the San Francisco Giants, it doesn't look like their season will be going beyond that. While they may not be in first place (or second, or third…), their park’s food offerings still remain some of the best in the league.

11 Reasons to Go to San Francisco's AT&T Park Before the End of Baseball Season (Slideshow)

When designing the venue's food program, the curators of AT&T Park’s concessions, Centerplate, took inspiration from traditional San Francisco cuisine to create a menu full of unique ballpark fare. The seafood options include a crab sandwich from Crazy Crab'z, as well as calamari, fish and chips, and the classic clam chowder in a bread bowl from Pier 44 Chowder House. Adjacent to these stands is Outta Here Cheesesteaks, where you can get a cheesesteak on a roll imported all the way from Philly. They offer a traditional cheesesteak, a version with chicken, and in true Bay Area style, a vegetarian option, made with mushrooms and zucchini. Whatever you do, do not leave without getting an order of Gilroy garlic fries; they are a necessity. 


But let’s get down to business: baseball games are about drinking (especially when your team is losing), and AT&T Park offers a variety of options throughout the stadium. While the traditional Budweiser options are available for beer drinkers, you can also get San Francisco’s own Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada, Portland’s Widmer Brothers Beer, or Washington’s Redhook. It’s also the ideal stadium for those who'd rather have a glass of wine. The wine program is one of the most innovative of any ballpark in the country. With international and local options, and wines from bottles and on tap, there will certainly be an option to please all tastes.