11 Movie-Scene Restaurants Around The World

It's always fun to see if you recognize a certain street, landmark, bar, or restaurant when you're watching a movie. In fact, filmmakers often set scenes at recognizable and familiar places in an attempt to make the story more relatable and help the audience connect personally with the movie. Many of us have probably caught ourselves watching a scene pan out at a street corner around our hometown, and thought, "That could happen to me!"

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And though you might not get to relive the famous When Harry Met Sally restaurant scene in detail (and maybe you are happy not to), you can easily revisit the famous diner, Katz's Delicatessen, located in Manhattan's Lower East Side neighborhood. The restaurant has been visited by so many fans of the film that a sign is hung up to reveal which table really was the one where Harry and Sally sat. And though you won't get any of the James Bond action, a visit to the scenic Eiffel Tower restaurant Le Jules Verne, featured in in the Bond movie A View to Kill, is possible for anyone who is willing to pay a hefty bill.

We at The Daily Meal gathered 11 of our favorite on-scene restaurant moments, and tracked down the real-life establishments that still open for business. So if you are looking to recreate your favorite movie dining scene, click through our slideshow of 11 restaurants made famous on film to find your nearest on-set dining experience.