11 Gourmet Gifts For Valentine's Day

We know. It feels like you were just buying extravagant Christmas presents a few days ago, but once again, it's time to break out the credit card as Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Whether you love it or hate it, there's just no getting away from the cutesy cards, giant chocolate boxes and pink and red window displays adorning every shop window at the moment.

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And who says Valentine's Day should just be limited to smug, loved-up couples proclaiming their affection for one another? If you're single, in a relationship or something in between, everyone deserves a little show of love at this time of year. It's a day set aside once a year to show all the special people in your life just how much you value and appreciate them.

Valentine's Day is stressful enough without having to search high and low for presents that say all the right things, check-off all the appropriate boxes, and doesn't cost a limb. Fret not. From your best friend, your parents, and even your pampered pooch, we have something for every Tom, Dick, and Fido on your list this February 14th. Starting with traditional chocolate romantic treats to personalized teabags, via sexy specs and bespoke ice-cream, we've got Valentine's Day 2014 sown up with our delicious gift guide for all your darlings (and of course there's always something to pick out for yourself too!)